Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

We are doing a photo scavenger hunt at work. They gave us a list of items that we have to find and take pictures with. Things such as laying in the gutter on 25th St, standing in the fountain in front of the Federal Building, and eating an ice cream at Farr’s… and a big point one is being handcuffed in the back of a police car. I can honestly say I haven’t had a run in with the police before (knock on wood!), so this is new to me. Remember, last year was my 1st speeding ticket.

So Jenn and I set off in search of finding Ogden’s finest at lunch yesterday. We approached one police man and he said he couldn’t help, but called someone else who would. That guy said that he was on a “mission” with his boss and took my number. About 20 mins later he called and met us outside. He handcuffed Jenn and I together and put us in the back of his car and took the picture for us. We talked him into not helping anyone else, even though another team was begging him so they could get the points. LOL

He told us he is also a motorcycle cop and on our list it say “picture with biker, 5 extra points to kiss the biker on the cheek, and 5 more points to be sitting on the back of his bike in the picture” so he said he’d be back later this week to help us some more. After he left, I realized we would get another 20 points for a picture in a jail cell. I wonder if he could help us with that one too??

Monday, July 6, 2009

What a great weekend!

I got a 4 day weekend for my birthday… Ok, I got one day off for my birthday, one day off for Independence Day, and then my normal weekend; however we celebrated all weekend long. I will have to update this when I get home to post some pictures of our fun.

Thursday, my 31st birthday:
My mother-in-law had surgery to repair her broken arm. We spent a lot of the day at the hospital. Things went well and hopefully she is on the mend. The kids went with Nate so Bryan and I went to dinner at Iggy’s with my parents and then shopping after.

I went to get pampered. I got my nails done and a very cute pedicure. Bryan waited at home for the window tinters and Comcast to come. Then we went to Layton to get his ears gauged, or the start of his ears being gauged. No worries… they are going to be tiny, although last night he told Ty when they are done she can put his fist through them. Not sure if she believes him or not! LOL!

Then we went to SLC to stay in a hotel for the night. The room we had was beautiful (Thanks Liesl!) and my parents got a room too. We started our evening in the hotel bar and the bartender gave us some yummy appetizers on the house. Then a quick walk down to PF Chang’s where we met my friends and then to the piano bar. Thanks to Blake and Heather for the TrueBlood Season 1 and to Jenn for the gift certificate for a massage!

Saturday, July 4th:
We got home from SLC about 10am and forgot about the North Ogden Parade. We couldn’t get home so had to park at Blake’s and Bryan hopped the fence and walked home to get our chairs so we could head up to Snow Basin. It’s a family tradition. A BBQ and the Kap Brothers. It ended up being a very nice time.

My MIL’s birthday is the 4th so we went to their house for a BBQ dinner and chocolate cake shots. Yum! We ended up staying over at my BIL’s house that night ( there were A LOT of chocolate cake shots going on).

I dropped Wrigley-pigley off to get her hair cut. Boy, did she need it. She is a new dog now. I went to church for the first time in 3 weeks. I had a great time in CA and in Moab, but I really missed going to worship. It was a beautiful way to spend my morning. When I got home, Bryan took me to the movies. We saw “ My Sister’s Keeper”. I read the book, Jodie Picolut is one of my favorite authors. The movie was good… but very sad. I think anything cancer related hits me hard. Seeing those bald chemo heads reminded me so much of what my mom went through the past year. By the end of the movie, I had tears streaming down my face however I was not as bad as the hysterical lady in front of us who was snorting and gagging and all sorts of worked up. After the movie, Bryan and I went to TGIFridays for dinner.

At 7pm we met Nate to get the kids and stopped at Zeppe’s. The kids had a great weekend. They spend a lot of time with their aunts/uncles/cousins.

They start Vacation Bible School tonight at Elim Lutheran and they are looking forward to it. We have another week-long home stand at the Raptors starting tomorrow and I think we may go to Park City on Sunday. Summer is busy in the Erwin-Williams household, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.