Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Ramblings

I thought it was time for an update. Not alot has been going on, just little things but they are worth mentioning,I thought!

I'll start with the biggest thing... as of this afternoon, I will now have a 1st grader and a 4th grader. How the hell did that happen? Even Ty yesterday said "Mom, do you remember when Drew was a baby? Well, now he reads". Yeah, don't rub it in.

*T-Ball. Drew is loving playing again. His uncle (Darren) is his coach and his cousin and BFF (Cannon) is on his team. They are so funny to watch. This team is for 3 yrs to Kindergarten I believe. Drew is one of the biggest kids out there. Next year he will move on to coach pitch. That will be interesting! LOL

*Softball. Ty started softball last week or the week before. The first practice she was terrified of batting. She even told me that she'd rather be in the field. I took her to the batting cages on 4th street and let her hit $6 worth. Ended up hitting 55 of 100. Not too shabby!

Since then she has been a machine! I think she's only struck out once since then in her games... last night she did awesome! Her cousin told her before the game if she gets to 2nd base, he'd buy her Skittles. Well, she got to 2nd base 4x. That's alot of Skittles!

*4-H. We havent been able to go to our meetings b/c of the sporting events, but we still have done our part to help with the garden. I cant wait for the seeds to start sprouting so I can see all our efforts. The kids are excited for it.

*Memorial Day. My ex had the kids for the weekend so Bryan and I went up to my parents condo in Park City. We only stayed a night and Bryan got sick, but it was still fun. I turned my parents on to chocolate cake shots. I have a feeling all our bbq's will now involve citron, frangelico, and a sugared lemon! LOL

*Vacations. In a couple of weeks will start our vacationing. California for Bryan's family reunion, Raft for the Cure in Moab, annual Moab Mamas trip in July, and then wrapping it all up with Bible Camp in the Sawtooth Mountains in August.

Good times... hope all is well. God bless!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last week we found out that Ascension Lutheran adopted a portion of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in North Ogden, so on Sunday after church we decided to take the kids up there to see how it was.

We hiked just about a mile in. It was a hot day, but parts of the trails were shaded and it was really nice. The kids had a great time. The kids want to come back every Sunday. Drew said this was the “best fun!”.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I had a GREAT Mother’s day.

It started off on Saturday when we went to Springville for my stepson’s soccer game. One of the soccer moms brought roses with ribbons wrapped around them for each of the player’s moms. I didn’t think anything about it when I didn’t get one. A few minutes later, Taylor’s mom came over and gave me one of her 2 roses. She said “You’re Taylor’s mom too” and thanked me for taking such good care of him when he is at my house. Wow… I was speechless.

On Sunday, I got my kids (they were with their dad for most of the weekend) and taking them to church with me and my sister, Heather. Drew was very snuggly and Ty kept drawing me Mother’s day notes during worship.

I got home and my house was spotless. Bryan got up and cleaned it all, mopped the floors, laundry, everything. It looked great. He got me some new PJ’s and some beautiful flowers.

We went over to my parent’s house for lunch. Almost all of my siblings and their families were there, along with Bryan’s family. My mom got me and my sister a gift certificate for a “spoiled brat” pedicure. Yay!

It was fun to eat, drink, and just hang out with everyone in the sunshine all day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Race for the Cure and other Boob Updates

First off, I want to thank you for all your support for the Race for the Cure event that happened in SLC this past weekend. Over 18,000 people showed up, it was amazing!(I'll update with more pictures once I get them from my dad, my camera battery died after 2 pictures. Dang it!!)

As you all know, my mom has battled breast cancer twice in the past 4 years. I have seen her go through radiation, a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and more radiation. Even though her cancer was invasive, she caught it early and has a good prognosis.

Last week, my doctor called and told me I needed to go to Salt Lake City to get further testing because she had a concern about my mammogram I had in January. When I got to the hospital, the nurse actually found another lump other than the reason I was there. I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and they immediatly did a core needle biopsy.

I had about 32 hours of panic, worry, and concern before the radiologist called to tell me that my tumor was benign. Thank God!

My plea to you is to do monthly self exams, know your family history, and if you are old enough to start doing mammograms; do them. Ask for a digital MRI as well, since that is what caught my mom's when her mammogram said she was fine.

Breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women and I would hate to see anyone else go through this; however early detection saves lives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PSS: Owie!

Amy asked "Tell us about your worst injury."

I have been very accident prone... but I think my worst injury was in 1998 playing AOL softball on 4th St. I was used to playing softball, I had played since I was 7, and had been on all star teams, but never had I played coed before.

I was on 1st base and my friend, Carlos, hit behind me. He is normally a powerhouse and can easily hit the ball over the fence. Well... this time he didn't so it meant I had to run. For those of you who know me, I hate to run. I am a klutz. As I rounded 3rd base everyone's yelling "get down, get down!" so I knew I had to slide.

I went to slide into home and the batter's box was kinda dug out from everyone kicking at it. When I went to slide, my right foot hit the plate at a weird angle and you heard "SNAP!". (In fact, someone was videoing it and you can hear it in the video.)

I don't remember a whole lot after that... other than being tired... I actually curled up in a ball on home plate.I went into shock. I remember my ex husband yelling at the umpire for not being able to drive his truck on the field to get me... so Nate, and my friends, Tyler and Carlos, carried me to the truck.

It was a miserable ride to the hospital and looking back at it now, it would have been better to call an ambulance. Every bump was excruciating. When the ER got me checked in, they gave me morphine for the pain. Bad idea, within minutes we found out I am allergic to morphine. Yikes!

I ended up breaking my ankle and my leg.I had to have emergency surgery to have plates and screws put it back together. Loads of fun. It took a few years for AOL to allow for another softball team... and because I am glutton for punishment, I was one of the first to sign up then too... when you love it, you love it!

Take a deep breath...

I need to keep reminding myself of that today... b/c I am stressed. I can feel it through my body.

Over the weekend Bryan's neck started hurting. He couldn't turn his head, couldn't move his arm etc. He thought he slept wrong. Saturday afternoon he noticed a bump under his ear. It was weird b/c it felt like Ty's saliva gland did when she had an infection, but his had a hard spot in the middle of it. I told him if he wasn't better by Monday to get it checked. The pain he had made me think he had an infection in his neck, not sore muscles.

I took him to the doctor last night... despite the grumbling on his part. Once the doctor got over the shock of his blood pressure, he looked at the real reason we were there. He had him do some tests, did some blood work, etc and said he has an infection in either the gland (saliva??) or lymph nodes. He is putting him on antibiotics and wants to see him in a week. If the symptoms get worse he needs to go back immediately b/c that area is so close to the lining of the brain and they worry about meningitis.

On the good side, he did agree to go back and get a full physical done. He knows things are out of wack, especially after saying "Yes" to just about everything on the family history list. Since I "leased" him for 20 years, I gotta get him healthy! LOL

This morning Ty woke up and the first thing out of her mouth is "Mom, I'm swollen". The left side (that still has the paroitid gland) is swollen. We just talked about it yesterday, saying how good she's doing and now it looks like we jinxed ourselves. I gave her some Motrin, OK'ed the daycare to give her Tylenol when she gets home from school, and have to call the Dr at Primary's to see if he will call in meds and see what he wants to do.

I guess you can tell by this post why my stress level is through the roof... I just need to take a moment, relax, take a deep breath, and pray. I hate seeing my family in pain or sick. I would much rather it be me... so I think that adds to it all.

:::Deep Breath:: It will all be ok.