Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Confessions 09/19/2014


I confess: I went to a heartbreaking funeral this week. A friend of mine from church got wrapped up in some bad stuff and made some bad choices and his life was ended in a shootout with police. Never would I have guessed this kind of thing was going on in his life.

I confess: my 6 year anniversary is tomorrow. My uber-sweet hubby got me a new lens for my camera that he gave me last week so I could use it for Drew's football games. He also sent me flowers and a balloon to work. They smell soooo good!

I confess: we go to sign on our house today. There are just a few little things left to do (deadbolts, paint touch up, etc) this morning and then we close this afternoon. It turned out better than expected and I love it. Bryan walks around in awe because he never thought he'd have such a nice place. We are so blessed!

I confess: I am thankful for my parents for letting us stay with them the past 4 months. As much as my dad says he's glad we are moving out, I think he is really going to miss the kids.

I confess: I am also thankful for my dear friend Andi who watched our dogs the past 4 months. She is a total blessing to us. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

John 10:10?

Earlier last week, I reached out to a lady at church named Penny who is the sister of one of my friends. I hadn't seen my friend on Facebook recently so I was asking her sister if she was doing ok and if she needed anything from her recent ankle surgery.

Penny told me that her sister was doing well and asked how our house was coming a long. She asked me exactly where it is because they lived in the next town over from us and thought it was cool that we'd be "neighbors".

Saturday afternoon, I got a message on Facebook from Penny asking if I'd be at church the next day and if so, could we talk for a bit. Uh, sure. All these things were running through my head but I assumed it had to do with her sister.

I found her after first service and we took a seat at the back of the sanctuary. She told me that she hopes I don't think she is weird for what she was about to say... and what she was about to say completely took me off guard.

She said recently she's been thinking about if God really knows her and if she needs to choose Him or if He already knows and loves her. A song came on the radio and it said something about God knows her and loves her and she burst into tears. Saturday morning, she woke up and started her prayers and again asked God if He really knows her name... and started to say something about Saul (from the bible) and said something about "Kill, Steal, and Destroy" and when those words came out of her mouth, she felt like she was lifted out of her body (and she was awake during this time!) and felt herself flying in the sky over the freeway, over a store that's in between our house, and she knew she was going to my new house, although she'd never been there. She said she said "God, why am I going to Lisa's house?" as she saw two people at my house and she said clear as day, she heard Him say the word "Warn". She kept asking over and over "God, why do I need to warn Lisa? Is she in trouble? Is something going to happen?".

As she's telling me this, I am thinking what a weird dream she had... until she reminded me that it wasn't a dream, she was awake during this. The only reason her eyes were closed were because she was praying.

She said she doesn't have a spiritual gift... that she's really never had something happen like this and she needed to let me know to take extra precautions to be safe.

So ever since then, I have been asking God to reveal to me what that was all about. How the words "Kill, Steal, and Destroy" set off such a feeling and what I needed to be warned about... and who the two people at my house were. She said that she felt very strongly about telling me. I don't know what to think about this...

***Updated 09/17/2014***

I've been praying about this, trying not to freak out. I truly believe that God uses people to send messages. Sometimes we are too stubborn to listen for ourselves, I guess. The more I am praying, the more I feel like it's something other than a physical warning. I feel like maybe Satan is mad. Jesus is doing a lot of big things in my family and we are very blessed. To show our gratitude for all He has done, we wrote bible verses all over the framing before the sheet rock. Kind of a "Hands off, Jesus has this house" kind of realization. Yes, I am praying over my family even more than usual. Praying over my marriage that we are strong and only have eyes for each other. Praying over my children to be safe in all they do. There's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world and I know I can't change the most of it so I will just keep my eyes on Jesus and continue to praise Him for his goodness.