Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Confessions 09/19/2014


I confess: I went to a heartbreaking funeral this week. A friend of mine from church got wrapped up in some bad stuff and made some bad choices and his life was ended in a shootout with police. Never would I have guessed this kind of thing was going on in his life.

I confess: my 6 year anniversary is tomorrow. My uber-sweet hubby got me a new lens for my camera that he gave me last week so I could use it for Drew's football games. He also sent me flowers and a balloon to work. They smell soooo good!

I confess: we go to sign on our house today. There are just a few little things left to do (deadbolts, paint touch up, etc) this morning and then we close this afternoon. It turned out better than expected and I love it. Bryan walks around in awe because he never thought he'd have such a nice place. We are so blessed!

I confess: I am thankful for my parents for letting us stay with them the past 4 months. As much as my dad says he's glad we are moving out, I think he is really going to miss the kids.

I confess: I am also thankful for my dear friend Andi who watched our dogs the past 4 months. She is a total blessing to us. 

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