Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Confessionals 10/03/2014


I Confess:
I am proud of my hubby and his hard work getting us moved into our new house. I HATE moving things and he took charge and got it taken care of.

I Confess:
I don't like all the boxes in the garage that we still need to go through, but it's not as overwhelming as if they were in the house.

I Confess:
I had a meltdown waiting for a train this morning... I am not sure where it came from, but I started bawling in my car. It had to do with my BFF that I recently reconnected with and how much I've missed over the past 18 years and what I don't feel like I know about him that I should. (Sorry for the 6am text asking your favorite music, Tony!)

I Confess:
Football is done for the season. Drew played great, we LOVED the coaches in our new town. We didn't make it to the playoffs, but to see the progress in my boy was good enough for me. 

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Jolene said...

I am glad the move went well and Yay for your husband taking charge. Yay for your son improving, that is more important than play offs. Have a great weekend Lisa.