Monday, September 21, 2009

As for me and my house... we will serve the Lord

One thing I want to start out by saying is the Genesis Project hardly ever asks for money. If they do, it’s for someone specific who needs a bill paid or food for their table, but not b/c the church needs it. With that being said, we are going through a season of change where the building isn’t big enough and the city wants the land for other things. We have been in talks for months now about the Gold’s Gym on 12th street. It would be a better fit, more exposure; still in Ogden… the list of reasons why this would be a good move for us seems to be endless. The pastors have some things in the works and wanted to let the core group of “members” (and I use that term loosely b/c we don’t keep track of membership) to know what is going on and ask for help and I was one of those people they invited to meet with last week.

Without going into a lot of detail, we were all sent home to pray about what amount we could give weekly to help us get to our goal. There is no set amount they are asking for; they want us to give what we can. So after this meeting, I went home and I talked Ty about it and we prayed and she said “Mom, let’s give them my allowance for this month”.

So she wrote up a note that says “Pastor Matt… here is my allowance for you to use for the new church. Love Ty Erwin”.

She stuck it in an envelope and took it with us on Friday night to worship. When she saw Pastor Matt, she ran up front to give it to him.

On Sunday, we were at church with my sister, Heather, and it was time for Offering. Normally one of the leaders (not the pastor) gets up, tells a story, says a prayer, and passes around the bucket. This time, Pastor Matt got up and told a story about how on Friday night a little girl (who was in the congregation this morning and is now hiding on her mom’s lap) came up to him with an envelop. He went on to say that when he first opened it, $10 fell out. Then he read the letter and got tears in his eyes. He said he was overwhelmed with pride for this little girl to help out our church. As we are sitting there, I am crying b/c I am so proud of her as well.

I believe that everything we do is b/c it’s in God’s plan. If it’s not His Will, it won’t happen. If we are meant to move into this new building, its b/c he wants us there. I just feel so blessed to have an amazing place to worship. Somewhere I feel the spirit and I walk out feeling so much better about life. This is a place my kids beg to go every week. Ogden is definitely a better place for having the Genesis Project and the amazing pastoral team it does. If you haven’t been and are searching for more out of life, stop by. You won’t regret it!

Our 1st Anniversary

Yesterday was Bryan and my 1st anniversary. It’s amazing to me that a year has gone by already… time flies when you are having fun! Bryan is an amazing man. He is loving and kind. He stepped up and has become (another) dad to my children. He treats them as if they were his own. He does homework with them, takes them to their games, lets them paint his finger nails, what a guy! He fits in perfectly with my family… he can be as obnoxious and silly as they are! He is not only my husband, he is my friend. He is such a source of support to me. He loves me unconditionally. In the whole time we have been together I think we have gotten into a disagreement once. We talk a lot… about everything and I think that is a big part as to why we get along so well. We have great communication. We understand what is important to each other and respect that. I am so blessed to be married to this man.

This weekend we had a great time with the family… It was the start of the change of weekends for Taylor. He will now be with us when my kids are home, which will be good all around. Bryan went to get him on Friday from SLC and they came home and surprised me by going to Friday night worship with us at the GP. It was such a blessing to have them there. Saturday was crazy busy with soccer games, hair cuts, trips to SLC, and the Weber State Football. On Sunday, the kids got up early and made us breakfast. We had French toast, eggs, bacon, and pears. They made us an Anniversary card that is now hanging on the fridge. I made Bryan a card and got him some cologne. He got me a card (which I cried when I read) a Darius Rucker CD, and a beautiful diamond heart necklace. After that Ty and I went to church then we had Drew’s birthday party at my mom’s and then we took the kids to Kobe Japanese Restaurant for dinner. They got a kick out of the guy cooking in front of us. It was a great weekend and a celebration of not just Bryan and my marriage; it was a celebration of us being a family.

I love you honey. Thanks for an amazing year :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oatmeal or Hot Milk?

Last weekend Bryan and I went to Moab to celebrate his birthday and our early-anniversary. We had won a 2 night stay and a sunset jet boat tour and dinner when we were down for Raft for the Cure in their silent auction so we had to take advantage of that before October.

We had a great time together... went to dinner at my friend Randy's resteraunt, went to the Hole in the Rock house/giftshop/zoo, and went on a really fun jet boat tour through Canyonlands.

Saturday morning, we went to breakfast. I wasnt really hungry so I ordered oatmeal, coffee, and a side of sausage. The girl who took my order wasnt from here, had a Russian accent. She just kept repeating to me what sounded like "Hot meal". Uh, sure... oatmeal is hot... maybe they call it "hot meal" where she is from. Then I asked her for some brown sugar and her eyes get all big and she says "You want brown sugar for your hot meal?" Uh, yes please. She told me she wasnt sure if she could do that but would ask.

Little while later she comes back with my coffee and lays down a glass of (hot) milk and a bowl of brown sugar and walks away. I look at Bryan and said "I normally have cold milk with my oatmeal, but ok"... and we wait for the rest of the food. Out comes his meal and my sausage and she walks away.

Then it hits me... she thought I said "HOT MILK" when I said "OATMEAL" and I start laughing hysterically. I call her back over and say "I need some OATTTT MEAL to go with my brown sugar" and she points at my hot milk and says "Hot Milk"... "no, OOOOAAATT Meal". Then you could see the light turn out "Oh! You want OOOOOOAAAAT MEAAAAAL". She starts laughing... rewrites it on the bill and goes and gets me a huge bowl of oatmeal.

Bryan says from now on, oatmeal is now going to be referred as "Hot Milk" at our house!

Friday, September 4, 2009

All About Ty

Wednesday night, Ty tried out for a competition basketball team in West Haven. This team is called the Utah Heat and its coached by Eliot Reynolds, former WSU women's coach. You could tell all week she was excited and nervous. When the coach had all the kids gather around him, he introduced himself and asked who was nervous and Ty's hand shot up! He told her to not be nervous, just go out and have fun. He split the 4th grade girls and boys off into a group of their own while all the older kids went with other coaches.

Ty worked her butt off! She was focused, didnt screw around, and had fun while she was out there. She was so funny... she made a basket during one of her drills and it was when the coach wasnt looking so she ran right up and told him she made it!

She was so happy to have the support she did... Bryan, Drew, Aunt Heather, and I were there cheering her on.

We got word last night that she made the team. Practices start in 2 weeks and the season runs through Dec. Yay for Ty!

Yesterday we went back to PCMC to meet with her ENT. First a resident came in to talk to her, see what was going on, etc. It was a different one from who we saw a couple weeks ago. He kinda looked at her, joked with her, and then said he had to get "the boss".

Dr Muntz came in and we talked. He said it could be 1 of 2 things... that the saliva gland (the little bit thats left) is still working and b/c there isnt enough of it, its causing infection. The other thing is that it could be lymph nodes and not the gland. He is confused b/c where she swelled up was in 2 places and it is evidence of both things, gland and nodes.

A couple months back when Ty was in a car accident she had to have an MRI done. He wants to get a copy of that to see if he can see that area of her head/neck to determine whats going on in there without surgery. If it doesnt show what he wants, then we will go back down there and get another MRI with contrast done. Depending on the results, she may have to have another saliva gland surgery to remove the remaining gland. If its the lymph nodes, he said that they could be upset still from the surgery and he would like to just treat her with antibiotics 2-3 more times before surgically removing them.

Ty told me last night that she trusts Dr Muntz and whatever he says we need to do, we will do. I agree with her 100%. He shared with me that he is frustrated b/c he fully expected the surgery in Feb to take care of this problem. He doesnt want her quality of life to deteriorate b/c of this. He doesnt want her to miss school anymore... especially where this last flare up lasted her almost a week in pain, 5 days is a long time to miss if school was in session so he said that we need to move quickly and really think about whats going to be best in the long run.

My job today is to track down the MRI and get it off to him so I can call him next week and see what our next steps are. Keep her in your prayers!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Erwin-Williams Updates

I have been terrible about blogging lately… I have been busy at work, busy at nights, there just hasn’t been time!

Here are a couple of updates:

The Raptors are almost done with their season… it’s been fun. I love the people we sit around, they are family to us. We got our seats again for next year, but that wont change that fact that some tears will be shed at the last game. I want to blame it only on Ty, but sometimes I get weepy too! LOL

Bryan and I are going on our first “alone” vacation. Everywhere we have been has been with kids… and this weekend we are going to Vegas for a soccer tournament; however no kids will be staying with us. I am so excited!!!

Next weekend we are going to Moab, again just the two of us! Yay! His birthday is September 11 and I have a gift certificate for a hotel that has to be used before the end of the year so we are going to spend the weekend in Moab and do a sunset jet boat tour with cowboy dinner. Moab is one of my fav places and I am excited to hang out there with my honey and celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. We are coming up on our year … and it’s been an amazing year. Parts of me feel like it’s been so much longer than that b/c we just fit together so well. It’s been a great ride and I look forward for many (well… 19!!) more years to come!

The following weekend (our actual anniversary) we have all the kids so I am thinking we will take them out to dinner and celebrate being a family. Taylor has been on opposite weekends this whole time so rarely did the kids get to be together. Starting this month he will be switched so everytime we have him, it will be when my kids are home. They need that... how can they be siblings if they never see each other?

The kids started school last week… they both are enjoying it. Ty has her first little crush and he likes her back… Drew is following some girl around the playground, “but I don’t like her mom, she’s a girl”. LOL- here we go! (

Ty was asked last week to try out for a competitive basketball team that is going to be coached by a former WSU women’s coach. The tryouts are tonight… she is a little nervous but very excited. She loves basketball!! Good luck sis!