Monday, September 21, 2009

As for me and my house... we will serve the Lord

One thing I want to start out by saying is the Genesis Project hardly ever asks for money. If they do, it’s for someone specific who needs a bill paid or food for their table, but not b/c the church needs it. With that being said, we are going through a season of change where the building isn’t big enough and the city wants the land for other things. We have been in talks for months now about the Gold’s Gym on 12th street. It would be a better fit, more exposure; still in Ogden… the list of reasons why this would be a good move for us seems to be endless. The pastors have some things in the works and wanted to let the core group of “members” (and I use that term loosely b/c we don’t keep track of membership) to know what is going on and ask for help and I was one of those people they invited to meet with last week.

Without going into a lot of detail, we were all sent home to pray about what amount we could give weekly to help us get to our goal. There is no set amount they are asking for; they want us to give what we can. So after this meeting, I went home and I talked Ty about it and we prayed and she said “Mom, let’s give them my allowance for this month”.

So she wrote up a note that says “Pastor Matt… here is my allowance for you to use for the new church. Love Ty Erwin”.

She stuck it in an envelope and took it with us on Friday night to worship. When she saw Pastor Matt, she ran up front to give it to him.

On Sunday, we were at church with my sister, Heather, and it was time for Offering. Normally one of the leaders (not the pastor) gets up, tells a story, says a prayer, and passes around the bucket. This time, Pastor Matt got up and told a story about how on Friday night a little girl (who was in the congregation this morning and is now hiding on her mom’s lap) came up to him with an envelop. He went on to say that when he first opened it, $10 fell out. Then he read the letter and got tears in his eyes. He said he was overwhelmed with pride for this little girl to help out our church. As we are sitting there, I am crying b/c I am so proud of her as well.

I believe that everything we do is b/c it’s in God’s plan. If it’s not His Will, it won’t happen. If we are meant to move into this new building, its b/c he wants us there. I just feel so blessed to have an amazing place to worship. Somewhere I feel the spirit and I walk out feeling so much better about life. This is a place my kids beg to go every week. Ogden is definitely a better place for having the Genesis Project and the amazing pastoral team it does. If you haven’t been and are searching for more out of life, stop by. You won’t regret it!


Amy said...

That is awesome, she is such a sweet and generous kid that her doing that does not surprise me. Do you still go to Ascension on Sundays?

Lisa (aka: The Cool Chick) said...

Not as often anymore... when we didn't have a pastor for so long I felt like something was missing from my life. I needed to be spiritually feed, ya know? I wasnt getting it there.

I started going to GP with some of the ladies from Ascension and really got plugged in there. We are on the Serve Team, go to Bible Study, etc... my husband even goes from time to time.

I love the people at Ascension, but I need to go to church for the right reasons...