Friday, April 29, 2011

What a blessing!

Yesterday I had a LONG day… I started work at 7am and am normally off at 4pm, but we had a job fair that I was asked to be at, so I had to do that from 430-8pm. Joking around on FB, I said something about going to work at the job fair and needing a lot of coffee to make it through the day. Someone even joked back saying “If someone was to bring you coffee are you going to give them a job??”. Well, it couldn’t hurt right? JUST KIDDING!

Around 300pm, I left the office to run home for a minute and then stopped at the coffee shop in our church to get a coffee for me and a coworker. I walked in and the owner says, “Aren’t you supposed to be at work? Like until 8pm?”. Uh, yeah… she must have seen my post on Facebook. After like the 4th time of asking me I why I wasn’t at work, I asked her what the deal was. She said “Someone was here a few minutes ago to get you coffee and they are taking it to your work. You aren’t supposed to be here!”. Uh, oops!

I then looked at my phone and saw I missed a call from my friend, Candice, so I asked if it was her and Holly got a big smile and said yes. I called her back and she says “I’m here to bring you coffee but no one is at the job fair yet. Where are you?”. I couldn’t very well tell her I was at the coffee shop about to order the very drink she had already got for me, so I said I was on my way back from my house and I’d be there in 5 minutes. Technically it wasn’t a lie, I was on my way from my house and I was 5 minutes from work!! LOL

I met her at my work… where she got me a yummy blended Dirty Chai and gave me some pastries to share with my coworkers. Candice is a sweetheart… she is such a blessing to all of us… and I am so glad to have her in my life. My kids adore her kids and it’s fun to do Kids Ministry with her on Wednesday nights.

Thank you Candice. Love ya!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am thankful for...

- a chiropractor who helped me to be able to move my head again. I've got a pinched nerve in my neck/back/shoulder and the past couple of days have been terrible. I actually slept last night. Yay!

- a husband who loves my children as if they were his own. He does homework with them, takes time off work to go to Dr's appts, and does his best to go to all their events. Love ya Bry!

- a stepdad (who is more like a real dad) who is starting this great bond with my kids that will last them a lifetime. I can call him to run and pick them up from school if I need to  or if he knows they are off school, he goes and gets them for lunch or to the archery range or other fun stuff.

- being able to lead others to Christ. People often tell me that they can see Jesus through my words and actions. To me that is HUGE. I want to be a good example of Christ's love. This past weekend my formerly LDS mother in law, brother in law and sister in law, came to Easter service with me and my husband. What a blessing that was!

- a mom who loves unconditionally. Our family can be a bit of a headache with a lot of people not always making the best decisions; however my mom sees past that and loves everyone despite their faults. She is amazing!

- silly kids. My kids are hilarious, wonderful, loving, and a blessing. I dont know how in the same breath as wanting to pull my hair out, I just want to hug them... but that is the joys of motherhood.

What are you thankful for???

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Sunday was amazing this year... only thing missing was my kids who were with their dad.

We started out the day by going to church... see the "We"? That meant me and my husband... the one who doesnt go to church on Sunday mornings. He goes to the Friday night service for "People who dont do church". I was so blessed by him being there. On top of it... my mother in law, brother in law, and sister in law all joined us. What a wonderful time at worship!

Afterwards we went to SLC to join my family for our Easter Tradition of going to the zoo. The weather held up, no rain, got to see some active tigers and apes. It was nice.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. Jesus has Risen!

Blake, Kim, and Dawsen. Amber and Andy. Lisa and Bryan. Heather, Jaxon, and Dylan. Mike, Raquel, Bowen, and Riley. Gerry, Michele, and Mason. Jeff, Jami, KJ, and Bryton.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess… that I am irritated with an aspect of my work. There isn’t anything I can do about it, other than just keep plugging away. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and just have to remember to take things day by day and not stress about it.

I confess… that I am torn about what to do this weekend. My family tradition for Easter is to go to the zoo, however it’s supposed to be raining and I’ve been asked to go to a baby blessing during 2nd service. (I normally go to 1st service). For once, I am praying for rain!

I confess… I went to a prayer service at church last night that was like nothing I’ve been to before. It really made me think about my prayer life and the way I pray. It was very powerful.

I confess… I am happy there are no soccer games tomorrow morning, no haircuts, no reason to get out of my warm snuggly bed at any specific time.

I confess… I have a dislocated tailbone again. I wish it was from something cool like a motorcycle ride or an unusual act in the bedroom (Ha ha!) but honestly, I have no idea what I did… I just know it hurts like hell. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he said it was really bad and not to think he is a miracle worker. He did adjust it and it feels better already, but need to go back 2 more times next week.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I have a new love...

and it comes in the form of two bars... that are cookies... that have caramel... and chocolate... and COCONUT!! Why does the best candy only come limited edition? Seriously? These are amazing... I am going to have to find more and stock pile them.  Yum!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confessions


I confess... my tailbone hurts. I dont know what I did, but it hurts... to the point that I am sitting here almost in tears. I broke it last summer, had it surgically reset, and now it hurts again. Oh Lord, I need comfort.

I confess... that I am THRILLED my parents come home from South Africa today. I am used to talking to my mom daily and I havent heard her sweet voice in almost 2 wks.

I confess... that last Friday night my heart was singing. It see my husband be active at church makes me smile. To see him interact with all these other Christian men makes me know good things are coming for my family.

I confess... speaking of singing, I was asked to be part of a Mother's Day show at church. I am a little (a lot) nervous b/c its been years since I have sang in public... well, out side of my seat at church or in my car with the windows down. LOL

I confess... I am feeling a little overwhelemed at work... but there are only so many hours in the day, so I can only do what I can do right?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blah Day

Ever just had one of those days you feel blah?

That was me yesterday... very busy at work, didnt feel like doing much when I got home, took the kids to dinner instead of cooking, got in the tub to relax and that caused me to put my PJ's on at 630 and lay around the rest of the night. I hope I am not getting sick... I am missing my mom... they come home Friday from being 2 weeks in South Africa. Its been a long time without hearing her voice (we've only been able to text). I am sure that is part of it as well. I hope my blah day was just God's way of saying "take a break for a bit".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Fun Stuff

MercyMe is coming back to Utah in the fall... Yay!!

My parents are uploading pictures from their hunting trip in South Africa... they are there until Friday, but its fun to see the pictures. As much fun as they are having, I am ready for them to be home!!

My husband is feeling much better... hopefully the weather gets better and we can go for a ride.

The rock chip in my windshield maybe fixed today... not exactly fun, but random!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza.

If I could turn into a food, it would be pizza... only because I've had pizza 3x over the past couple days.

Not sure how that happened b/c I am not that much of a pizza lover... but Thursday I had a pizza craving, so we went to the Circle Inn... Saturday I had pizza when we went to Steiny's... and then my work brought in pizza for lunch today. They were all such different pizzas, but oh so yummy. I can feel my butt getting bigger by the minute!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For the Love of Baseball?

I just read a terrible story about a man who was beat down at a baseball game b/c he had the wrong team's clothing on... this man is a father, a paramedic, and now is in a coma with brain damage. Makes me sick. I pray that they find who did this to him and that justice is served, but more than that I pray for healing for this man and comfort for his family.

You can follow the blog set up for him at

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Favorite Things Swap


We just completed the Favorite Things Swap from Mamarazzi and I had a lot of fun getting together my favorite things to send to Amy at I wish I would have taken a picture of what I sent to her, but didnt think of it until after I mailed it. Oops!

"Mom! Look at how many stamps there are!!!" Drew was so excited!

Travel Mug with my initial. An animal print bag. Slipper socks that have lotion in them. An Easter Wall Hanging for my front door. A Pandora-ish bracelent. A Sonic gift card. Reeses Candy. Nail Polish. A Scub brush.

This scrub brush is awesome. Its for Breast Cancer Awareness. The cool thing about this is that I didnt tell Amy about my mom... and when I got this in the mail, there was a note saying her mom was a survivor too.

Thank you Amy... I loved my gifts. I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Confessions


* I confess that today I am taking Drew to the children's hospital. He has been 2 yrs since his last seizure so we are praying that he is able to get off his meds. Part of me is happy about that, the other part is nervous b/c if the seizures are being controlled by the meds and he goes off, he will start having them again. I pray that he has outgrown them and this is a thing of our past.

* I confess that its been a stressful week with my hubby. On Monday night, he hit a wet/ice spot on the motorcycle coming home from the mechanic, spun out, and dumped the bike on top of himself. I was behind him in the car, jumped out, had to help lift the bike off him, etc. He hurt his shoulder, ribs, and hip, along with other little cuts and bruises. The bike wasnt too badly hurt, the mechanic was able to fix it for $60. Bryan can barely move, is loopy on pain meds, and just hurts bad. We debated all day if we should go get it or wait b/c it would rain/snow and then clear up to blue skies and we finally decided to go and now I wish we would have waited.

* I confess that Drew was the goofiest looking soccer player at practice last night. The coach called earlier in the week and said practice would be last night so I told Drew to get all his stuff together... and he says, "I only know where my cleates and socks are". Well... ya need a shirt, shorts, shinguards, etc... so they tore the house apart yesterday before I got there looking for it all and when I got home from work to pick him up he had a neon yellow soccer jersey on, black basketball shorts on, gold socks, 1 shinguard, and his cleats. He looked like a train wreck. The bad thing is, I couldnt remember what color their team is (they get their uniforms in the fall and then have a break and the rest of the season starts in the spring) so I had to call the AYSO lady, go to her house, have her tell me that the shirt is correct, the socks were wrong and get a new pair of socks from here b/c those were the only ones we could find. What a mess!!

* I confess that I dont like being alone... next weekend the kids are with their other parents, my parents will be out of the country, and my husband has to work open to close on Saturday. That is an entire day of being alone. I get antsy... then lazy... then I'll go spend money I shouldnt. Maybe something is going on at church... maybe I could go to the movies... Someone come be my friend that day, will ya?