Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Confessional 04/25/14

I Confess... My house sold. Super fast. Like, before the sign went up and the pictures were on the website, fast. I Confess... I am excited. I am scared. I am emotional. I Confess... I am thankful that my parents opened their house to us to live while we build a new home. I Confess... It will be a little weird living at home again. I Confess... All of this is terribly timed. I am trying to get ready for my PHR exam. I am leaving Sunday for Nashville for a recruiting conference. Things are changing at work. We have to be out of our house tomorrow. I Confess... I trust in God's plan for my life,so I know all will be ok.

What are you confessing?!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just closed...

Well, we just sold our townhouse to a darling family who are dear friends of ours. I wish them many years of good times, many blessings, and much love in a place we've called home for the past 7+ years. 

Goodbye North Ogden, Hello (again!) Farr West for me and my family 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Happening...

We are packing and moving... we have to be out by Saturday. So much going on in a small amount of time. Ahhhhh! Praying for blessings over this move and all that goes with it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Still Waiting

Appraisal is back... offer amendment has been signed. Waiting to hear about closing on the townhouse while slowly moving everything into storage or my parents. Making lists of to-do's, such as changing my address with the post office, canceling the TV and internet, and all that fun stuff.

We'll need a meeting with the builder to finalize our plans, but they did bring some fill dirt over to the lot so at least something is being done pre-townhouse closing. It seems like its all coming together!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting

Waiting on an appraisal. We had an offer on the house the day after it was put on the market, before the sign and website listing were even up. The inspection is done and went well. We are just waiting on the appraisal. They'd like to move in before the end of the month which is really cutting it close considering I have to go out of town for work the last week... Ugh! Cross your fingers!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is... Home sweet home.. there are a number of different sayings and I believe they are true. My heart is where every my kids are, my husband is. We are put on this earth go to through life together and wherever my family is where I will call home until my time here is done.

Speaking of homes... ours is for sale. Seven years ago I moved into a town home in a neighboring city from where I was with two little kids. My daughter was 7 and my son was 5. I had been divorced for a couple years by then... had a freshly broken heart from a failed relationship... had lost my job and found a new one, but decided my house was too big to do it on my own, so I sold it to build a townhouse. I spent about 6 months in my parents basement until we could move in and I remember how excited I was for this change and felt like I was starting over.

Little did I know that God was going to place an amazing man in my life about 9 months later because maybe my story of home ownership would have looked a little different; however it's all in His timing and this is how it worked out.

In my townhouse, I have someone to take care of the lawn, remove the snow, and even put up Christmas lights. It was the perfect home for a single mom with two little kids. As time has gone on and my kids are older and I added a husband and a bonus son, it's gotten a little tight. Only one big living area, so everyone stays to themselves in their rooms with the exception to eat if everyone doesn't agree on the show that's on TV or someone's playing video games or the husband is working from  home from the computer desk in the living room.

Last summer we decided to start looking at homes... just to get a feel for what there was and what it would take. We even met with a builder and after the experience with their lender, we got scared off and didn't think we'd ever get a new place if our townhouse was so upside down and couldn't afford two mortgages and we'd have to empty our 401k's for it. I want a house, but I don't to be house poor. We are pretty active people so I don't want to lose that ability to do fun things.

Earlier in my life we dealt with a broker/Realtor/builder to get into a house... worked out perfectly so I called the Realtor back and asked her what they had. At that time, nothing in an area we wanted to be...and we were OK with that, it gave time to pay things off and save some money.

A few weeks ago, after months had gone by, she called me again to tell me that they have a couple lots in a subdivision that would work for us. We met with everyone, found the perfect floor plan, and started the ball rolling. Met with the bank, approved. Met with the broker, approved. Everything will work out as long as the town house sells. Within a week of closing on that, they will start building.

My family went on a cleaning spree last weekend and we are moving some things to a storage shed tomorrow... Realtor came on Monday to sign some papers, photographer came on Wednesday to take pictures of the house, the listing went on the website on Thursday (without the pictures) and we had our first showing last night. We'll see how it all plays out.

My prayer all along is that God's Will be done... I want this to be God's plan and not mine. I want to know this is what we are supposed to do and where we are supposed to be. I told my husband that if things don't line up and fall into place, then I'm not going to push it because it's not the right timing or place. My trust is in God and I know He'll open doors that need to be open when the time is right.