Friday, February 5, 2010

Random 25

Well… I am sitting here at work for an hour longer than usual since everyone else had stuff to do, so I may as well do Mary’s little activity otherwise I am going to fall asleep.

Here are some random facts about me

1. I am from South Bend, IN
2. I got my first tattoo at 15 (and no I don’t regret it)
3. My little girl just turned 10
4. My son is Mister Tender-heart. He is such a sweet boy
5. I am like 3lbs away from my 1st goal weight and 8 away from my ultimate goal… and I am getting bored of my Wii Fit workouts
6. I am going to take the kids to meet a Jazz player after work tonight
7. After that, we are going to Target to get “The Biggest Loser” game for the Wii. Maybe that will excite me about working out again.
8. I have a 12 yr old stepson in SLC
9. I am a youth leader at my church
10. We are taking like 45 teenagers to Denver next month, Lord help us!
11. My mom has had breast cancer 2x in the past 5 yrs. She has another surgery next week.
12. I love doing community service projects- I love making a difference in my city
13. My hubby and I are going to Hawaii this summer
14. In addition to Hawaii, we are taking the kids and going with other family members to Disney World.
15. I am getting zit on my forehead. I think I have more acne now than in high school.
16. I have been a recruiter at my current company going on 4 yrs.
17. I was at AOL for almost 10 yrs before that. Man, time flies!
18. I am still very close with my kindergarten best friend, Angie.
19. I love to read a book while soaking in a bubble bath
20. My daughter has some strange saliva gland issue
21. My son is doing better with his seizures
22. I fell in love with my husband almost 2 yrs ago to the day
23. I love going to worship with my family
24. I am ready to get another tattoo… #6
25. Boy… this took like 3 minutes to do. Dang it… 59 more minute until I can go home.