Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Confessions


* I confess that today I am taking Drew to the children's hospital. He has been 2 yrs since his last seizure so we are praying that he is able to get off his meds. Part of me is happy about that, the other part is nervous b/c if the seizures are being controlled by the meds and he goes off, he will start having them again. I pray that he has outgrown them and this is a thing of our past.

* I confess that its been a stressful week with my hubby. On Monday night, he hit a wet/ice spot on the motorcycle coming home from the mechanic, spun out, and dumped the bike on top of himself. I was behind him in the car, jumped out, had to help lift the bike off him, etc. He hurt his shoulder, ribs, and hip, along with other little cuts and bruises. The bike wasnt too badly hurt, the mechanic was able to fix it for $60. Bryan can barely move, is loopy on pain meds, and just hurts bad. We debated all day if we should go get it or wait b/c it would rain/snow and then clear up to blue skies and we finally decided to go and now I wish we would have waited.

* I confess that Drew was the goofiest looking soccer player at practice last night. The coach called earlier in the week and said practice would be last night so I told Drew to get all his stuff together... and he says, "I only know where my cleates and socks are". Well... ya need a shirt, shorts, shinguards, etc... so they tore the house apart yesterday before I got there looking for it all and when I got home from work to pick him up he had a neon yellow soccer jersey on, black basketball shorts on, gold socks, 1 shinguard, and his cleats. He looked like a train wreck. The bad thing is, I couldnt remember what color their team is (they get their uniforms in the fall and then have a break and the rest of the season starts in the spring) so I had to call the AYSO lady, go to her house, have her tell me that the shirt is correct, the socks were wrong and get a new pair of socks from here b/c those were the only ones we could find. What a mess!!

* I confess that I dont like being alone... next weekend the kids are with their other parents, my parents will be out of the country, and my husband has to work open to close on Saturday. That is an entire day of being alone. I get antsy... then lazy... then I'll go spend money I shouldnt. Maybe something is going on at church... maybe I could go to the movies... Someone come be my friend that day, will ya?


VandyJ said...

I admit when I have too much time on my hands I shop. And not the good kind of shopping--Walmart shopping for crap we don't need, but oh it looks so fun.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

I hate being alone ... I always turn on Hulu and watch some HORRENDOUSLY awful Lifetime movie ...

EEEWWW that was a embarrassingly bad Friday post-Confessional, wasn't it?!

Sami said...

I laughed hysterically at the picture in my head of how Drew looked at soccer practice!
Kids, huh?