Friday, September 4, 2009

All About Ty

Wednesday night, Ty tried out for a competition basketball team in West Haven. This team is called the Utah Heat and its coached by Eliot Reynolds, former WSU women's coach. You could tell all week she was excited and nervous. When the coach had all the kids gather around him, he introduced himself and asked who was nervous and Ty's hand shot up! He told her to not be nervous, just go out and have fun. He split the 4th grade girls and boys off into a group of their own while all the older kids went with other coaches.

Ty worked her butt off! She was focused, didnt screw around, and had fun while she was out there. She was so funny... she made a basket during one of her drills and it was when the coach wasnt looking so she ran right up and told him she made it!

She was so happy to have the support she did... Bryan, Drew, Aunt Heather, and I were there cheering her on.

We got word last night that she made the team. Practices start in 2 weeks and the season runs through Dec. Yay for Ty!

Yesterday we went back to PCMC to meet with her ENT. First a resident came in to talk to her, see what was going on, etc. It was a different one from who we saw a couple weeks ago. He kinda looked at her, joked with her, and then said he had to get "the boss".

Dr Muntz came in and we talked. He said it could be 1 of 2 things... that the saliva gland (the little bit thats left) is still working and b/c there isnt enough of it, its causing infection. The other thing is that it could be lymph nodes and not the gland. He is confused b/c where she swelled up was in 2 places and it is evidence of both things, gland and nodes.

A couple months back when Ty was in a car accident she had to have an MRI done. He wants to get a copy of that to see if he can see that area of her head/neck to determine whats going on in there without surgery. If it doesnt show what he wants, then we will go back down there and get another MRI with contrast done. Depending on the results, she may have to have another saliva gland surgery to remove the remaining gland. If its the lymph nodes, he said that they could be upset still from the surgery and he would like to just treat her with antibiotics 2-3 more times before surgically removing them.

Ty told me last night that she trusts Dr Muntz and whatever he says we need to do, we will do. I agree with her 100%. He shared with me that he is frustrated b/c he fully expected the surgery in Feb to take care of this problem. He doesnt want her quality of life to deteriorate b/c of this. He doesnt want her to miss school anymore... especially where this last flare up lasted her almost a week in pain, 5 days is a long time to miss if school was in session so he said that we need to move quickly and really think about whats going to be best in the long run.

My job today is to track down the MRI and get it off to him so I can call him next week and see what our next steps are. Keep her in your prayers!

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Mary said...

I always do! (keep her in my prayers!) Keep me posted on game times I would love to come and cheer her on! Go Ty!