Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oatmeal or Hot Milk?

Last weekend Bryan and I went to Moab to celebrate his birthday and our early-anniversary. We had won a 2 night stay and a sunset jet boat tour and dinner when we were down for Raft for the Cure in their silent auction so we had to take advantage of that before October.

We had a great time together... went to dinner at my friend Randy's resteraunt, went to the Hole in the Rock house/giftshop/zoo, and went on a really fun jet boat tour through Canyonlands.

Saturday morning, we went to breakfast. I wasnt really hungry so I ordered oatmeal, coffee, and a side of sausage. The girl who took my order wasnt from here, had a Russian accent. She just kept repeating to me what sounded like "Hot meal". Uh, sure... oatmeal is hot... maybe they call it "hot meal" where she is from. Then I asked her for some brown sugar and her eyes get all big and she says "You want brown sugar for your hot meal?" Uh, yes please. She told me she wasnt sure if she could do that but would ask.

Little while later she comes back with my coffee and lays down a glass of (hot) milk and a bowl of brown sugar and walks away. I look at Bryan and said "I normally have cold milk with my oatmeal, but ok"... and we wait for the rest of the food. Out comes his meal and my sausage and she walks away.

Then it hits me... she thought I said "HOT MILK" when I said "OATMEAL" and I start laughing hysterically. I call her back over and say "I need some OATTTT MEAL to go with my brown sugar" and she points at my hot milk and says "Hot Milk"... "no, OOOOAAATT Meal". Then you could see the light turn out "Oh! You want OOOOOOAAAAT MEAAAAAL". She starts laughing... rewrites it on the bill and goes and gets me a huge bowl of oatmeal.

Bryan says from now on, oatmeal is now going to be referred as "Hot Milk" at our house!

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Mary said...

Mmmmm nothing like a big bowl of Hot Milk! I wonder if Natty Light goes well with hot milk? You should ask Blake :-)