Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Erwin-Williams Updates

I have been terrible about blogging lately… I have been busy at work, busy at nights, there just hasn’t been time!

Here are a couple of updates:

The Raptors are almost done with their season… it’s been fun. I love the people we sit around, they are family to us. We got our seats again for next year, but that wont change that fact that some tears will be shed at the last game. I want to blame it only on Ty, but sometimes I get weepy too! LOL

Bryan and I are going on our first “alone” vacation. Everywhere we have been has been with kids… and this weekend we are going to Vegas for a soccer tournament; however no kids will be staying with us. I am so excited!!!

Next weekend we are going to Moab, again just the two of us! Yay! His birthday is September 11 and I have a gift certificate for a hotel that has to be used before the end of the year so we are going to spend the weekend in Moab and do a sunset jet boat tour with cowboy dinner. Moab is one of my fav places and I am excited to hang out there with my honey and celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. We are coming up on our year … and it’s been an amazing year. Parts of me feel like it’s been so much longer than that b/c we just fit together so well. It’s been a great ride and I look forward for many (well… 19!!) more years to come!

The following weekend (our actual anniversary) we have all the kids so I am thinking we will take them out to dinner and celebrate being a family. Taylor has been on opposite weekends this whole time so rarely did the kids get to be together. Starting this month he will be switched so everytime we have him, it will be when my kids are home. They need that... how can they be siblings if they never see each other?

The kids started school last week… they both are enjoying it. Ty has her first little crush and he likes her back… Drew is following some girl around the playground, “but I don’t like her mom, she’s a girl”. LOL- here we go! (

Ty was asked last week to try out for a competitive basketball team that is going to be coached by a former WSU women’s coach. The tryouts are tonight… she is a little nervous but very excited. She loves basketball!! Good luck sis!

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