Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and the wait continues...

I ended up taking Ty down to PCMC yesterday. I couldnt get a hold of her dr and ended up having them page the resident on call. I didnt know what else to do and was at my wits end.

The Dr I spoke with was very nice... said that was odd for her to swell up and wanted her to be seen but the ENT dr's werent in clinic. He told me to bring her down to the ER and we'd meet him there.

On the way down our regular Dr's nurse called me and said he called her and told her some different things to do and I told her that we were already heading down there and we were meeting with the resident. She called the Dr back and he said that was a good idea. Right when I got off the phone with her, the resident called back and said he spoke with Dr Muntz and he wanted us to meet the resident in the clinic so we didnt have the wait or the expense. Sounds good to me!

Within 5 minutes of us getting there the Dr came in... looked at her, had her do some facial excersises, etc. He said that the little bit (less than 25%) they had to leave due to where is sat with the nerves didnt shrivel up and die, but instead is trying to work and now has an infection. He wants her on meds for 10 days and then back to see the surgeon in 2 wks and we will see then what he wants to do.

The whole thing is odd... I still dont ever hear of this and of course it's my daughter who has the problem... so I guess nothing should suprise me. I am wondering if he is going to want to go back in and remove the remainder of the gland, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.

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