Monday, August 17, 2009


I got a phone call on Saturday morning that started out "Mom, my lump is back on my neck."

This was a call from my 9 yr old who was spending the weekend at her dad's. Immediatly I think she means the left saliva gland has an infection b/c 6 months ago we had the right gland removed. I start rattling off things she needs to do, warm compress... tylenol, decongestant, etc. "Mom, did you hear me? My lump is back... how can I have a lump where there is no gland???" HUH??? Oh, she meant on the right side. Uh, well... I dont know. I told her to keep doing those things and I'd look at it when she got home Sunday night and if needed, I'll call the Dr on Monday morning.

I didnt hear back from them all weekend and honestly I forgot about it. When I went to pick her up last night, she was so swollen. She said the swelling was getting worse but nothing was coming out through the duct (although I am not sure if she has a duct anymore). We drew a line around it so I would know if its getting bigger or not, gave her some medicine, and but her to bed... only to hear her moaning all night. Poor thing.

This morning she woke up and had a hissy fit from hell. She did this "I'm in pain and your not helping" dance around the kitchen. I felt terrible... all I could do was give her more Tylenol and pray.

I am going to call the ENT at Primary Children's first thing this morning... this doesnt make sense to me. Did they not get all the gland during surgery? Does it grow back? What can we do?

Keep little Ty in your prayers... I hate to see her like this and I know she is so frustrated b/c she thought she didnt have to deal with it anymore.

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