Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parenting is hard work...

Earlier this year, Ty’s teacher spoke to her about something that supposedly happened on the playground. I guess a girl went home and told her mom that Ty was shoving her. The mom called the teacher, the teacher spoke to Ty (but not a word to me about it), and then Ty mentioned it to me. Ty told me that she bumped into the girl when they were lining up, but said “Excuse me” and that was that… later that day, Ty told the same girl to quit cheating off her papers and then she gets talked to by the teacher for not being nice.

Yesterday, Ty called me in tears b/c another girls mom was at the bus stop and yelled at her for not being nice to her daughter. I asked her what happened and she said the day before the girl was being rude and telling her and Drew to shut up and Ty said “that’s not very nice to say”… and then after she got home, the girl came over and rang the door bell and asked to take Ty’s picture “so she could show her big sister who Ty was”… Ty told her no and shut the door. I guess the girl went home and told her mom Ty was being mean to her. The mom went to the bus stop to talk to Ty (which I don’t think was the right way to handle it) and said she was going to call the principal and come talk to me. I asked Drew about it since he was there and he said Ty didnt do anything wrong.

If you know my daughter,she is usually a very easy going girl who gets along well with everyone. If she is going to be mean to anyone, its only Drew :) I don’t know what to think about all this b/c it’s out of character for her, but if two different occurrences have happened it makes me wonder. Am I missing something? Is she not being very nice when I am not around? I always have people telling me what a good girl she is, never anything negative about her… I wonder how much I should worry about it? Should I just let it go until the school calls me? Should I ask her teacher if she is having problems? In all 5 yrs she was at the old school I have never heard anything about her being mean to anyone… and now in 2 months I’ve heard it twice.

She is my daughter, so of course she is a smartbutt at times… so I told her to watch what she says. Maybe she was joking and someone didn’t realize, but I cant see her being intentionally mean to anyone. I sent her off to school today telling her to not even worry about the girl… don’t be rude, but don’t talk to her, maybe they need space.

I just pray to know when to step in and when to let her deal with things on her own. I pray that God watch over her and protect her. That God allow her to continue to be the loving, nice girl that I know she is. As she gets older she is going to need her mom less and less, but God more and more and I pray that she turn to him in times of conflict. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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