Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"God, can you just show me a sign?!"

Things in my life have been changing... lots of changes as work. Not bad changes, things that are good for our company but it's really put into perspective what I want to do when grow up and I think I want to learn more than I currently know :)

I want to help people... I want to interact with employees... I don't think I want to manage people right now... I want to find people jobs... I want to help with employee relations. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how that fits into my current career and if it couldn't what my next steps were.

Well, last week a company that I had applied for months ago reached out to me to say they have a Sr. HR Generalist position. Part of the job is recruiting... the other part is employee relations. Uh, ok. Odd since that is what I wanted to do... but ok. Let's learn more about this.

I went in to talk to their VP and spent hours there... he said that if he can make the money work out, he'd love to have me join their team. He told me he'd call me back by Friday with a decision. He ended up calling me the very next day, but I missed the call and when I was calling him back I prayed and said, "God, can you show me a sign? Am I supposed to be leaving my job of 7 years and risking everything to make this move?".  Then a song came on the radio (KLove, of course!) that had the name of the company in it. Wow! Blew me away... Ok, God. I'm listening!

I end up getting the offer... accepted it verbally... wanted to give my notice the following day but couldn't meet up with my manager. The weekend passes and I give notice Monday morning. On Tuesday I have a meeting with the VP of HR at my current job and she offers me a very similar position to stay here. Hmmm...

Again, what am I supposed to do? I am texting my husband and mom to talk through it. I go to to stream some music as I eat lunch at my desk and again that song comes on. Alright, God... I hear ya! Never in my life have I felt an answer so clearly. I am trusting in His plan!

So this Friday I am saying goodbye to my employer, colleagues, and friends of the last 7 years. I am taking a big leap of faith. I am excited. I am terrified. I am feeling bittersweet. I pray that this is God's Will and me and my family will be taken care of. Here we go... on to the new chapter of my life!

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Through Laughter comes the Healing said...

If we are going to take a flying leap, then faith is the sure fire way to go, with the loving hands of God as our wings, how could we possibly fall?