Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just a Boy and His Dogs

One of the biggest adjustments that Drew has had to make during this house building experience is not having his dogs with him. Because my parent's dogs doesn't play well with others, we had to find somewhere for them to go until our house is done.

Thankfully, our friend Andi does small dog rescue from her house so adding a couple more to her mix wasn't too big of a deal. She has been a life saver and we appreciate her so much.

Today is our Roxy's (black Shih tzu) birthday. We are going to guess that she is 4 years old and we use today as her birthday as it's the day 3 years ago that she was rescued from the shelter. She was so underweight, matted fur, just a mess when we got her.

Drew wanted to get her a birthday present so he bought her a bag of treats to share with all the friends at Andi's house :)

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