Monday, June 29, 2009

Moab 2009

We just got home from what will be my first of three Moab trips this year. We went to Moab to do the Raft for the Cure event. It was a full day of rafting down the Colorado then a BBQ back on Main street with a silent auction and a concert. We had a blast!

I decided to take the family on a Hummer Tour up Hell's Revenge so I bought my parents their tickets for Mother's/Father's day this year. They all loved it!!

I dont have the rafting pictures yet (they were on a disposable camera). My mom was interviewed for their video so as soon as I find it, I'll try to link it. We had a great trip. Drew wanted to move there so he could live by the dinosaur prints. This will for sure make this an annual outing!

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Mary said...

I love river rafting! Lucky! I can't wait till my kids are older to take them!