Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Confessionals

I Confess: Drew's football is going better than I expected. We had one MAJOR meltdown the 2nd week, first day in pads. The pads were in wrong, the helmet was too big, and the pants were too big. I was so upset with him by the end of practice that I left before I turned into that mean mom.
I Confess: I was a very proud mama yesterday when one of the boys was screwing around and got yelled at by the coach and he yelled for Drew to go in to replace him. Drew's learned all the plays, knows what to do, only needs to hit with more aggression. It's totally against his nature so its taking some time.
I Confess: I found it funny when someone told Drew to hit/tackle like he would his sister... and he said "But I dont hit my sister, I love her"
I Confess: My girl went to Jr High this week. It's a little odd. I dont feel old enough to have a 7th grader. I remember my Jr High years perfectly, so I am not sure how this happened. We had some issues with her locker but we got them figured out and she is good.
I Confess: It's funny to hear Ty talk about boys... It makes sense, she's to that age... but for her to say  "Oh mom, he's cute" is just funny to hear.
I Confess: I am stressed over my mother-in-law being so sick. She has been in the hospital again the past few weeks and quit breathing last weekend. Code Blue was called and she was put on a ventilator and rushed to the ICU.
I Confess: Ty and I had an opportunity come up that I felt God was calling me to... we are going to do a mission trip together in the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving. I cant wait to see what God does!


VandyJ said...

Hope junior high is good to your girl.
Good luck with football too!

Jill said...

haha - your description of your son needing to be more aggressive sounds like how my dad used to try to get my brother to be in hockey. He never did end up developing that "mean streak" that most hockey players have. I guess you can't change a pacifist!

becca said...

wow junior high and good luck with football.

Aubrey S. said...

Gee, I wish my brothers would have felt that way about tackling and headlocks and all that good stuff.

Ducky said...

How amazing for the mission trip! And I just dread the day Lil Duck enters jr high. :(

Really wish Thing1 would've joined football this year...he is starting to regret not joining the team as well. Helmets off to an amazing season for Drew. Sounds like awesome growth experiences ahead!

Kenzie Smith said...

That is awesome that your son is doing so well in football!
Your daughter sounds adorable. I can't wait for my son to come home and tell me he thinks girls are cute :D Well, maybe I can.. haha!
I hope that your MIL gets well soon!
Stopping by from Friday Confessions ♥

Caroline said...

Your mission trip sounds fantastic!! Enjoy all the planning!