Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Confessions!

It's Friday! What are you confessing?
I confess... I was ticked last Saturday when the opposing team got 8 points before the game started b/c the coach didnt have the offical roster. It was not a region game and the team we were playing had different rules.
I confess... they lost the game because of those points which was discouraging to the boys.
I confess... the coach made up for his error during practice. He ran 8-20's to make up for each point they lost and he allowed each kid to hit him in the face with a pie while saying "I will not forget the roster"
I confess... it was team bonding that day and the boys got a kick out of it.
I confess... my car is having issues and money to fix it is stressing me out. I feel like when it rains it pours. It just adds on to a few other unexpected things I have had to pay for in the last month and its frustrating to me.
I confess... the words ATM are not written on my forehead and I am now questioning some motives.
I confess... Drew had two amazing tackles in practice yesterday. I told him if he does that in the game I will get him a treat!
I confess... Ty had her first soccer game Tuesday and even though they lost 0-1, she played really well. So much better than I have ever seen her. Good job sis!
I confess... my mother doesnt understand the time zone differences and texts me in the middle of the night here b/c she is in Ireland right now. I wont complain too much though, I love hearing from her :)


becca said...

i agree when it rains it pours things always seem to happen at once. sorry about the game but cool the coach made up for it. oh that time difference is a bugger.

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I know how stressing about finances can be, I hope that everything works out for you and your car can get fixed. I know too much about raining and pouring... Have a great weekend.

VandyJ said...

At least the coach owned up to his mistake and made it up to the team.

Jill said...

Ohhh what a crap mistake for a coach to make! Glad to hear he made up for it!!

Have a great weekend! :)

Caroline said...

Sounds like a cool coach, and that he learned his lesson! I wish I was in Ireland right now.

Jolene said...

Lucky Mom!!!
You also sound lucky with having your children into and enjoying sports.

I love the coach owning up and the bonding experience he made with the team.

Your Doctor's Wife said...

I'm glad you had a better experience with a coach's mistake than we did. :( Bleh.

Mary said...

What? I thought ATM was stamped on your forehead........dang it no wonder you smacked me when I tried to pull out some cash ;)