Friday, October 19, 2012

I Confess... 10/19/12


I Confess- That I really like my new Ford C-Max car. I've had it for 2 wks and just filled up for the first time. It cost me $20 less than before, and that was weekly, so really I saved about $85. I was able to go 550 miles before my warning came on saying I only had 35 miles until empty. Not too shabby!

I Confess- My husband has lost 30 lbs and looks amazing. Check him out!!

I Confess- I worry that now his 30 days is done, he may not feel committed to keeping it off. I am trying to overcome that worry with belief in my husband.

I Confess- My sweet husband has planned a get away for us this weekend. He doesnt normally plan things like this so I am shocked. We are going to stay at the Anniversary Inn tomorrow night. I am super excited.

I Confess- My wonderful friend Mary is keeping my kids for the night :)

I Confess- Drew's team lost their quarter final game. It was heartbreaking. All the boys were sobbing. Parents were crying (Drew's dad included, shocker!). It was rough. I miss it already... I loved the parents I got to know throughout the season and being with them daily. I may have to plan a reunion!


Aubrey S. said...

Aren't new cars fun?

Your husband looks so good without the extra weight. Good for him for all his hard work. And lucky you for him planning a special trip.

Thanks for linking up, and have a fabulous weekend.

Caroline said...

Awesome mileage on your car! I'm jealous! Your hubby has done well - maybe you two can do something active together to help him keep it off. Have a great weekend away!

becca said...

wow that's awesome that the new car takes less gas and way to go hubby looking good

Ducky said...

Holy gas saving moley!! That's awesome. Big congrats to husband! He looks like a new person.