Friday, October 5, 2012

Time to Confess!

I Confess:
My finger is healing better from my spiderbite than I ever imagined it would. It's still peeling, but I didnt lose all that much skin. Yay, Praise God!
I Confess:
We are going car shopping this weekend. My brother no longer needs the car we loaned to him, we aquired another car from a family member, and Bryan's car is getting up there on miles and starting to make weird sounds. I am going to trust and believe that it is all going to work out b/c stuff like this stresses me out.
I Confess:
I feel like I need a shower after dealing with our car salesman. My family has gone to him for years and he works his magic and always gets us what we need, but he is a slicked back carsales man. Ugh.
I Confess:
Drew made it to the playoffs. His team is thrilled. This is the first year any of them were old/big enough to go. I am proud of them and super excited and crazy anxious for their game tomorrow.
I Confess:
I am so glad that Drew played football this year. He's made some awesome friends... in fact he has shown a couple of them the love of Jesus and they are now coming to Rangers with him at church on Wednesday nights.
I Confess:
I am officially down 20+ pounds... and the nurse at the Dr's office yesterday commented on it. That was cool to hear. My hubby is doing a 30 day program with Isogenix and has lost 20 pounds as well.
I Confess:
The words "By the way mom, I have a boyfriend. His name is Morgan and he's Christian" would sound great.... if they weren't coming out of my 12 year old's mouth. I am not really sure what a boyfriend means in the mind of my little girl, but I met this boy the other day and he seems very nice anyhow.
I Confess:
We are like 6 wks from our mission trip to the DR and things are crazy busy at work. I feel a little overwhelmed and just pray that I can focus on what I am doing when I am doing it so when the time comes for my trip I can focus 100% on God and my daugther and serve this community.
Also... October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Have you had your mammogram done? My mom is  2x survivor and I am high risk. 1 in 8 women will get diagnosed, but early detection saves lives. I just went in yesterday and found out my breast MRI is clear... no signs of breast cancer. Have you been checked yet??


Aubrey S. said...

I'm proud of your son for witnessing to his teammates. It can be a scary/embarassing thing to share faith at that age, and I admire that he's doing it anyway.

Great work on losing 20 lbs. You and your husband must be thrilled.

I had to laugh about the boyfriend comment.

Thanks for linking up. Have a fabulous weekend!

Jolene said...

I'm glad your finger is doing better. Yeah for your son! You have done an amazing job raising him. Woo Hoo for the 20 lbs!!! How exciting another Mission trip.