Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Confessions 11-2-12 and 11-9-12


I Confess... I had a much better week. All around.

I Confess... work is going well. I have been recognized for my hard work, which has been nice. On top of it, my name was pulled for a drawing and I won some money. Yay!

I Confess... home is going better too. The communication and the affection between me and Mister Husband has improved a million times in the past two weeks.

I Confess... I've always thought we had a good relationship... but we ran into a mountain a little bit back and my world felt like it was spinning. But my God is big enough to move mountains and He is... I cant wait to share our Message out of the mess that we've been going through.

I Confess... I love my husband more today than I ever have.

I Confess... my dear friend is going through the same thing as what I've been and it breaks my heart. I spent some time with her last night and seeing her pain brought tears to my eyes.

I Confess.. I leave for the mission trip with my daughter in 2 wks and I am not ready at all. My head needs to get in the right place... I need to get packed... I need to get my focus where it belongs so God can use me. Please pray for me!!

11/9/12 Confessions since I didnt post them "officially" last week...

I Confess... there's been some changes at work. While I hope they are for the best, I am still nervous but so far so good.

I Confess... I am still feeling unprepared for my trip next week. I havent packed a dang thing yet. Better get on that this weekend.

I Confess... I am going to miss my husband and son more than I expected I would. Good thing for FaceTime. Praying my wifi in the hotel works.


Jolene said...

You have my prayers. I am so glad things are better before you leave. Yes, in deed, God does move mountains!

Yippee for you on your winnings and being noticed for your hard work.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Marvi Marti said...

Aww...marriage can be work at times, but sounds like you two refocused! And your sights are on God, which is most important!

Enjoy the mission trip and praying for your safe travel!

Anonymous said...

Yes, marriage is one of those funny things; you think it's all good then realize you've forgotten to do something, like communicate! Glad things are on the mend.

Aubrey S. said...

I confess that I always put off packing for a trip to the last minute. I say I'm going to get started early....and then life gets in the way.

Glad that things are going better with the husband and the job.

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!