Friday, November 21, 2014

Time to Confess- 11/21/2014


I confess: I agreed to host a LulaRoe party at my house. It's a super cute maxi skirt/leggings kind of party. I like the idea of the party, but I have anxiety over if no one shows up and the host wastes her time.

I confess: My friend lost her barely 18 year old daughter to suicide two weeks ago. Another child (a 10 year old) in a neighboring town hung himself this week. My heart is absolutely broken for these kids. WHY?! What is so bad in their little lives that they do this?

I confess: I feel like I am called to do something. But what? I am praying for God to open a door in the direction he wants me to go. Is it Youth Ministry again? I don't know... but we've got to do something in our community.

I confess: Our church is moving to a new building. A very cool new building with state of the art- everything. We've come a long ways from where we started in a little storage unit. God is doing big things in the city of Ogden, UT.

I confess: I cannot believe next week is Thanksgiving. I am not sure where this year has gone. I have definitely been blessed and am so thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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