Thursday, December 18, 2014

Puppy Love

We decided to add to our furry family and get a Labradoodle. We've got two shihtzu's, Wrigley and Roxy, and now that we are in a bigger home with a fenced in back yard, we decided now was the time for a bigger dog. We did some research, have a couple of friend's who have them, and decided on this breed because they tend not to shed as much and are super smart.

I came across this breeder by accident. I saw that a friend on FB's wife tagged him in a post about her friend's puppies. I messaged the lady asking questions and we went out there last night to look. They have the dad, Taggart (a 3 year old English Lab) and Hazel (a standard poodle) on site with the 11 puppies.

We couldn't decide on girl's name but all of us agreed on a few boys names so I felt more led to look at the males, after we loved on all of them of course!

Coming home next week is this little beauty. His name is Diesel.

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