Friday, October 23, 2009

Swollen Again, Update

The doctor called me last night. He said there is some concern regarding Ty’s MRI results. There is a cluster of lymph nodes that are enlarged back deep behind her saliva gland on the left side. He said that is pushing her saliva gland and that is causing the infection. He said we would skip all the scary words that that radiologist wrote on the report and we will schedule an open biopsy to remove the lymph nodes as well as the lymph glands. I guess where it is, is deep under the facial and shoulder nerve. She is going to have an incision on her neckline but when it’s all done and healed it will blend into the crease. I asked him if the problem on the right side was all lymph nodes or did her saliva gland look diseased when he took it out. He said that there was definitely scar tissue on the right parotid gland and he removed the lymph nodes that were around that then. I guess I have a lot of questions for him. What is causing the enlarged lymph nodes/glands? Why is she constantly having infections? What can we do to prevent this in the future? I know they are testing for cancer, but if that isn’t it, what could this be? They have her on a very strong dose of antibiotics for now and they are going to call me today to schedule her surgery. Hopefully its something we can do pretty quick… the waiting is the worst part. I get very anxious not knowing. If they give me a diagnosis I can deal with it…making plans to do whatever is needed. The sitting around in wonder is the hard part for me.

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