Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swollen Again...

On Monday afternoon at 4:11 (Yes, I know the exact time b/c the Drs office closes at 4pm and I realized that I just barely missed them) my daughter calls me from her dad’s house saying that her neck is swollen on BOTH sides and she is in a lot of pain.

Freaking great. I hung up and wanted to cry. I hate to see my little girl in pain. I hate the agony that she goes through. Just makes me feel so helpless as a mother.

She came home later that evening and I gave her Tylenol, got her in the tub, got her some sour candy to suck on and eventually got her off to bed… She didn’t sleep well that night. Nor did I. I could hear her whimpering from her bedroom. At 430am she came in to ask if she could get in the tub to see if that would help her feel better. At 6am I went in her room to wake her up, gave her some Tylenol, wrote a note to the school saying that she would need Tylenol at lunch. I had the Dr write a note at the beginning of the year saying she could have some when she had a saliva gland infection. If we stay on the Tylenol, she does ok… if she missed a dose after 4hrs its all down hill and takes a lot to get her feeling better again.

I got a call around 1130 with her crying. She said the school lost her Tylenol. They have the note but cant find the medicine. I had to go get her, brought her home to give her Tylenol and she took a nap on the couch when I finished out my day working from home. We went to get more Tylenol to give the school a new box, which they are now guarding with their lives. LOL

I spoke with the nurse at PCMC Tuesday morning as well. I explained what was going on and what the Dr said to do when this happened next. After some calling around, she found us an 8pm appointment at the hospital to go in and get an MRI done. He wanted the scan while her neck was swollen so he can see exactly what is going on. Not only in her saliva glands, but in her lymph nodes as he feels that this could be more than what we originally thought.

Today is Thursday… and I am waiting on them to call in a prescription of antibiotics, waiting for the results of the MRI, praying for an answer. She is doing better today; the swelling is still there but no worse than yesterday. She is smiling a bit more. She can’t really eat a lot b/c she can’t get her mouth open and that frustrates her but she knows she is going to be ok. We trust the doctor to make the right decisions and to care for her, but even more so we trust that the Lord is going to take care of her. In the car this morning she says “Mom, can we pray that God makes me feel just a little better?”. That’s my sweet girl.

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