Monday, November 16, 2009

A Giving Story

Next Saturday, we are giving the homeless and less fortunate a chance to come in and shower, get new clothes, get haircuts, and have a warm meal. Yesterday, Ty and I went to hand out invitations with my sister throughout Grant and 12th st, to the houses and apartments.

It was a chilly day and we were bundled up. We started at the apartment buildings and went door to do and personally invited those who answered to come and left the fliers in the doors for those who didn’t. We were just about done with the apartment complex when we knocked on a door and a little girl and her mom answered. We invited them to come, gave them the flier, and started to walk away. She asked us for more information so we went back and talked to her a little more. She told me that her daughter can't go outside b/c she doesn’t have a coat and it's too cold out. Next thing I know, my daughter takes her coat off and hands it to the little girl. She told her that she has another one at home, so she could have that one. The little girl snuggled up inside of it and the mom got tears in her eyes. She kept asking us “are you sure?” and we kept saying yes. I gave the mom a hug and we walked on.

Poor Ty was standing there in a beanie and gloves with a T-Shirt on, but luckily I had another one of my coats in the car so we made due until we were done… but I can’t tell you how proud I was of her. My 9 yr old was filled with the Spirit and became selfless and caring to someone less fortunate, just as Jesus would do.

We talked about it in the car on the way home and she said that she knew the little girl needed it more than she did… and even though it was dirty, it was warm. She said she hopes that family goes to our event next week because they need some help. She gets it… she realizes that not everyone has what we have and she is willing to share her things with others. What an amazing feeling!

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