Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good news!

The ENT nurse called me yesterday. She said that the pathology report shows a benign reactive lymph node, but no signs of cancer. Phew! No cancer!

When the doctor called back and I asked him what that means he said there was lymph node swelling due to infection. The culture report he got back yesterday morning showed that nothing grew in 6 days from the cultures they took. However when they called back last night, something did show up as Gram Positive Cocci. They are going to continue to test on it to figure out what kind of infection it is and to see what medication it is susceptible to.

I asked him where do we go from here… no cancer, but we really don’t have any answers. He said he is going to get us in with the Immunology department to be tested for Auto Immune Diseases. Something is causing the reoccurring infections and they are the next step to finding out what it is.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support. Praise God!

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