Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bad Homework Night

So... yesterday the kids had early out. They were home by 130pm. The rule is work on homework, take out the dogs, no playing until everything is done. Ty didnt have any homework but Drew did (a math sheet and a spelling review). Ty said she will help Drew b/c I had a Dr appt and Drew had soccer as soon as I got home. Sounds great... it should all be done by the time I get back.

I call them on my way home from the Dr to tell Drew to get ready for soccer, but when I get there he isn's dressed... he was playing. The homework is on the counter, unfinished. Ty said he had a fit and she wasnt going to argue with him. Ugh!!! Fine... got him dressed and we would finish the 2nd page of math and do the spelling when we got back.

After soccer, I had him sit down while dinner was being made and he was just all over the place. Just do the damn math already. He was struggling to focus so I had him eat and Ty was helping him with spelling words... the whole thing ended in disaster and we all gave up and all of us went to our rooms.

I went in to talk to him about 10 mins later and he is sound asleep with the TV off and the lights on. I am wondering if the homework meltdown is b/c he was too tired. I prayed over him for a while and I went to bed.

I went in to wake him up this morning so we could try to finish what we started... and he looks at me all funny and said "Its already done". WHAT!?! No... it cant be done, there was an entire page to do. He said that he did it in his room. I looked at it and sure enough... he finished it in his room. What took fighting over for 5 hrs was done in 10 mins by himself. Lord have mercy!

I sure love that boy... but I think he caused some of my hair to go grey last night :)

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Cynthia said...

When I read this I was laughing at the first part, just because I can see Ty saying, "I'm not going to argue with him....", then when I read the last paragraph I cried.

Go figure! (just because of right now)

What a sweet boy he is. I am proud of him though that he did his homework for himself and didn't bring it into you for your approval that night. What an awesome kid!