Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

10 years? Already? It seems like yesterday b/c my heart still aches for all those directly affected by the terrorist attacks. My heart aches for the loss of life.

10 years ago this weekend, I was in Chicago with my parents, ex husband, and daughter. We were in town for a Notre Dame game and staying at my Uncle's condo downtown. I remember waking up and seeing on the TV that a plane had crashed into a building in NY. We kept watching and soon enough another plane... then the plane in the field... and the plane in the Pentagon. I remember my 1 year old child saying "Why those planes hit the buildings?" I don't know... I don't know why someone would want to cause that much havoc and chaos and destruction.

After a while we decided to turn off the TV and go to Navy Pier. We took a bus from the condo over and mentioned there wasn't many people on board. When we got off the bus, I swear the bus driver hauled ass to get away from us. Then we looked around and there were no more buses... or taxis... or anything. The city was eerily quiet.

We ended up having to walk back and we were directly across from the Sears Tower (which later we heard was another target) and I remember FREAKING out when I heard airplanes b/c there wasn't supposed to be any. All flights had been grounded. It ended up being Air Force planes doing circles around the Sears Tower but it was so cloudy that day, we couldn't see them.

We were stuck in Chicago for a while... took a couple of days to get a rental car and drive home. For years to come, my little girl continued to ask about planes and buildings and bad guys. Hurts my heart that she had to learn about that at such an early age. It is so sad that so many lives were lost for something so senseless. My brain isn't programmed like that... I don't think about hurting others. I just pray that people think about the consequences to their actions and the needless deaths end. I just want peace and safety and love. That's all...

Lord, I am sure there are many blessings that have come from this disaster and for that I thank you... but I know this weekend, many are going to focus on the heart ache and the terror. Father God, bring them peace and comfort. Let them remember all those who willingly helped out and for those who stood up for us and continue to stand for us today. Help us to know you better through the events that happened 10 years ago. Lord, I say these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

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