Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Ramblings 10/27/11

* I just realized that about 10 people that I know or know of have passed away in the past month. Some are people dear to me, other are aquaintences. Little overwhelming...

* I am tired of hearing of people's lives being hurt by pornography. Relationships damaged, family's torn apart. I pray that these people fight against Satan in these battles. It's sick, disgusting, and an addition.

* I am tired. Like, go to bed at 530pm tired.

* I need to learn to bite my tongue b/c I some times say some hurtful things when I get upset. I don't mean to, but emotion gets the best of me at times. It's something I dont like about myself, but am working on.

* I need more coffee... right this second. I think it goes along with my tiredness. My cup never seems to stay full enough for my liking.

* I have seen a different side to my husband this week. I've seen him heartbroken and tearful at the loss of his father. Even though we knew it was coming, it was still very hard. I am glad to see this side of Bryan, rather than having him bottle it up. Seeing this has grown my love for him even more.

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