Friday, October 14, 2011

Time to Confess!


I confess... I spent a lot of money about 8 weeks ago to get eyelash extensions. I liked them, but didnt LOVE them with an exception of a couple of days. They are a lot of work to keep up. I got the OK from the Dr to go on the motorcycle and they were flying everywhere, even with sunglasses on. I felt like spiders were dancing from my eye lids. Yeah, that's not going to work. I am starting to get a cold or allergies and my eyes itch. Well, I rubbed a chunk of my eyelashes off last night... which resulted in me removing all of them.

I confess... my eyelasshes now look like my mom's did when her hair was coming back from chemo. Probabaly wont be doing that again.

I confess... I am stressed about money. My pay check is now back to normal after being off from my surgery, but I have big plans. My big plans involve selling a townhouse and buying a house... my stress comes from the fact that the townhouses near us arent selling for what I owe. It's going to be an act of God for this to all play out... but I believe in miracles. If we are supposed to move, God will provide a way for that to happen. If not, we are meant to stay put and wait for something else.

I confess... I am not patient. That's where a lot of my stress comes from.

I confess... I am irritated with Utah movie theaters. I want to see "Courageous" and the only place its showing is down in West Jordan or West Valley or somewhere... over an hour away from me. Just because its a Christian movie means it has to only have one movie theater in the whole state? I dont get it.

I confess... I am so PROUD of my kids. We went to parent teacher conference and their teachers had great things to say about them. Drew is a hard worker, is a math wiz... Ty is at grade level now, and is fun to have in class. Thank God for wonderful teachers who are making such a difference in my kids lives.


Anonymous said...

I am stressed about money too... but that's typical. :) Happy Friday!

VandyJ said...

That's awesome that the parent teacher conferences went well for you and for your kids. Great teachers make all the difference!

AMY said...

Money and Stress are so Horrid! I'm sorry....Hope it all works out for you and your family!
YAY....on the teacher conferences! Thats Awesome! Good teachers make a HUGE difference. I see it everyday!
And its true this year with my son too, which makes me soooooooo HAPPY!
Have a Great Wkend!

Sarita said...

I stress about money as well! So glad you are healing nicely from the surgery.
I have always wanted fake eyelashes but now maybe not!

Heidi said...

Funny...I ripped my eyelashes out just last night :) I loved them the first week after being filled, but then the second week I couldn't stop picking at them. So my fills went from $30 every two weeks to $50 every two weeks. I just can't justify spending that kind of money, on my eyelashes, when I need to start thinking about Christmas. I'm hoping that my reals one grow back's not pretty!

Congrats on Parent Teacher Conferences! There's not a better feeling in the world, as a parent, than when you feel your children's success and happiness!