Friday, May 16, 2014

Exterior and Foundation

Yesterday we finished picking out our exterior... front door color, garage door color, stucco, siding, etc. We have an amazing help at Master's who is so in tune with what we are doing and what we want, it's made it really easy.

We went over to the lot and they had finished putting up the foundation walls and were waiting on the cement trucks to come. I ran into a lady I used to go to church with who will now be our next door neighbor. She introduced me to someone from across the street. She says she loves the neighborhood and our builder!


We were looking around and I freaked out a little bit because I couldn't figure out the walkout door in the basement. It wasn't making sense to me. Then I thought they forgot Ty's room b/c I didn't see a window. I called my dad and my parents came over and we walked through. My dad even climbed the wall to tell me the window was down inside. I felt a lot better :)

A little while later we went back over when the cement trucks were there to see them pouring. It's amazing to me how each step of this works and how good they do. If I were to try, cement would have been everywhere. Instead, these guys working on it make it look effortless.

One of the coolest things I found was a lady bug in the basement. It was in my moment of panic and it was there. It almost felt like God was telling me to calm down. Lady bugs have always been important to me. My great-Aunt always wore a ladybug pin on her shoulder as a sign of good luck. 

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