Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Really Happening!

It's really happening! We signed the construction loan on Wednesday... then we met with the builder to red-line our plans... then we went to Home Depot. I have a feeling that will become a 2nd home to us for the next little while.

It's funny, I used to go there before and dreaded it. Now I'm asking to go there... to wander down the aisles and get ideas for different things. I won't even be buying anything there for the building of the house, but it's a readily available place for me to physically touch and see things without an appointment or pressure to buy to get the ideas I need.

We go to Wheelright Lumber today to choose our interior and exterior doors and the railing for down the stairs. We go to Out of the Woods tomorrow to choose our cabinets and granite. We go to Master's tomorrow afternoon to choose flooring, stucco, paint, shingles, and all that fun stuff. Thankfully, Bryan and my taste are very similar so as we go into these places I think we will be in agreement for the most part.

We went through what was the spec home but since sold to a family for probably one of the last times as they are about to get flooring laid. We got to see where they placed their lights and what their banister looks like and how they did their covered patio. It's the same floor plan as ours so it makes me even more excited for our home because you walk in and its inviting. It's homey. It's elegant. I am so excited!!

Here's the first step of our building adventure. Our builder out staking the lot. If the rain holds off today, they will dig the hole. My daughter wanted to stop by and meet the builder so she could "know who was building her room". I thought it was cute :)

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