Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Years Ago Today...

3 years ago today, I was introduced to my husband. It was a quiet night at home with the kids, we were just watching TV and hanging out when I got a text from my friend Mary asking if I was seeing someone. I had just started dating Ian again, but it had been an on/off relationship and never anything serious, so I told her nothing exlusive, why?

She told me she works with this guy that I would be perfect for. Uh, yeah... this had disaster written all over it. She told me a little about him and asked if she could give him my number. Sure, whatever. Didnt think a whole lot about it.

A little while later, I got a text saying "Hi, this is Bryan. I'm Mary's friend"... and we started talking and finding out some about each other. This went on for a couple days and he asked if we could meet for dinner that Friday after NYE. Sure, why not... but I had plans with my friends to go out dancing that night, but if we just went to dinner I'd have plenty of time.

We met at Iggy's in Layton. I remember being so nervous. I had never talked to him on the phone, only through text, but when we got there he gave me a hug hello and we went in to eat. We talked for hours, well past the time it took us to eat. Finally I had to go to get over to my friends house to go to SLC so we said goodbye and he said he'd talk to me tomorrow.

I guess when I got to Liz's I was beaming. She said I had a glow around me and she thought I should invite him dancing with us. Uh, ok. I love my friends, dont get me wrong... but they girls are loud and obnoxious (or were, at the time) and the guys were touchy feely. I guess we may as well throw him in b/c this was my life... time to see if he sinks or swims!

I sent him a text to see if he wanted to meet us at Port O'Call and he said yes... and the rest is history. Here we are 3 yrs later in a wonderful marriage and a family of 5. We are going to go to a movie tonight to celebrate, but Saturday is really our "anniversary date" b/c we are going to the Jazz game with great seats!

Thank you Lord, for putting this amazing man in my life. Everything is in Your time and I think my relationship with Bryan is a prime example of that. You put him in my life when I was ready to accept him and see what a good relationship could be. I am so grateful. Amen.

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jennykate77 said...

That's such a great love story! Congrats on 3 years! Hope you guys have many many more happy years together!