Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Request/Ministry

As some of you know, there is a family that is very dear to me that is going through a difficult time. They are strong and will get through this, however, that does not minimize their pain, their fear, and their feeling of loneliness in this season.

Over the next couple weeks, when you are doing your regular Christmas shopping, would you consider making a few extra purchases in order to bless this family this Christmas? They deserve an amazing Christmas, a small (make that a big) reminder that God loves them and that they still have people who care deeply for them. My hope is that they will be overwhelmed with support during this Christmas season.

Ideas and Areas of need:
Toys for a 10 yr old boy: - he loves LEGOS!
2 teenage girls - girly stuff - make-up, jewelry, etc.
Mom: - jewelry, make-up, dinner gift cards, get her a massage, gift cards to to Bath and Body Works, etc.
If you want to get them clothes, I can get sizes…

Family: they have a Wii so games are a good idea, they play as a family a lot… they also need groceries, gas for the car, etc.

If you feel led, please remember this dear family during this holiday season. Spread the Word. Let's be the body.

"Stop telling us that you're the chosen people. Start living like the chosen people." -Jason Upton-

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jennykate77 said...

Praying for this family!!