Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a little update from the Erwin-Williams clan…

Ty is doing better at school. We changed some things around in how we do homework and although its taking us longer every night, the grades are going up so we are doing something right.  She just got done with her basketball season. She did great. I am so proud of her… she has improved so much since last time. (My camera battery died on Saturday so I am waiting for the coach's wife to email me the ones she took)

Drew is still a clown… he makes me laugh. He has been very lovey lately so I am getting lots of hugs and kisses from him. I’m not complaining! He is doing pretty good with school, just working on a couple of things with him as well. I hope Santa brings him books for Christmas!

Because of the holidays and visitation weekends, it’s been a while since Taylor has been over… so not a lot of update with him right now, other than in 2 wks he will be 13. We will have a teenager!!! Boy, that makes Bryan old! LOL

Bryan is super busy with work and will be gone a lot over the next two weeks. I would much rather be with him Vegas or Orlando, but instead I am going to be here in this rainy/snowy/yucky weather. Bah!

I am doing good too… busy with church and work and life. I have a couple of things on my heart regarding a missions trip and youth group. I am praying that God shows me where he wants me to be. If it’s meant to be, it will come in His time. We will see how it goes. I think all our Christmas gifts are bought… half are wrapped. Hoping to do all that while Bryan is gone so he doesn’t peek!!

A friend of mine from my old church lost her son on Saturday… so please keep the Barrett family in your prayers.

Everyone have a great week!

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