Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prayers Please

So… my arm/shoulder has been in pain for a couple weeks now and I had my MRI yesterday afternoon and the Dr’s office called me first thing this morning saying I need to come in to review the results. It’s a freaking shoulder, why do I need to come in? Little worried. I am going in tomorrow at 5pm b/c she wants to squeeze me in before she goes on vacation. I have my EMG nerve conduction test today, freaking out about it. Ugh. They did tell me my Vitamin D is extremely low which can cause some of my bone and muscle pain, so I will start meds for that this week.

Please keep me in prayer… I will be ok once I know what it is, but the anxiety of not knowing is what gets to me. I just need to be calm and trust that God’s got this…

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