Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All About Andrew

My Drewby-doo just makes me laugh. He is such a sweet kid with the biggest heart. I thought I would make a list of updates for him along with reasons why I love him so much… here goes!

• He holds my hand when we are at the store. I don’t have to reach for him, he always reaches for me. It has to be a good hand hold too. No limp fish with him. He will squeeze our hands together tightly with his other hand.

• He gives me the biggest hugs when he tells me goodbye. He even ran after my car the other day to give me another hug.

• He loves gardening, but being in a town house we have to be creative. He tells everyone he has a green thumb and offers to help with their gardens. He told his sister she can help with the pots… but that she doesn’t have a green thumb. She may have a green pinky though, we’ll see how it goes.

• He has such a love for Jesus. He tells me all the time “I prayed for that…” when we are talking about something.

• He loves baseball. He thinks about every play. The other day he was playing 2nd base and caught a fly ball. We are all screaming for him to throw it to 2nd to make a double play and I think he was so shocked that he caught it, that he forgot what to do. “Mom, I forgot where 2nd base was!!”

• He is an artist. He loves to draw these little scenes. They are random… but they go on for pages. I love seeing him do them. He asked me for a notebook, 2 black pens, and a box of colored pencils. I better get to the store!

• He has overcome some struggles this year (and we will continue to work on them again next year) with ADD and a learning disability. He did really well in school. Had great grades. I am very proud of him.

• He has been deemed “seizure free”. His EEG showed no signs of seizures and he is being weaned off his medicine.

• He is a good kid and I am blessed to have him as my son.

Silly iPad2 picture of Drew

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Impulsive Addict said...

Seizure free is GREAT NEWS!!

I love that app! It makes me laugh. What a sweet post!