Friday, May 20, 2011

What a Weird Week

This has been a weird week... anyone else feel that way?

Sunday I got a sunburn from sitting out at my parents house while watching the kids play in the driveway. Then Monday it dropped like 40 degrees.

Ty had her first softball game of the season on Monday and they won 19-7. It was a great game. I was a little nervous b/c she hasnt played in a while and the girls didnt look so great during practice, but they pulled it together and did a good job. It was fun to watch although I think I bit some of my cheek off b/c I was trying to keep quiet. Softball/baseball is my game... and I tend to get loud.

On Tuesday, Drew's game got rained out AGAIN.

Wednesday Ty had a bye so we went to church. Ty helped in the nursery, which then resulted in me helping in the nursery, but Drew wanted me with him. He was a little upset and said next time he is helping in the nursery to be with me. LOL

Yesterday I was just grumpy... its still raining here, Drew's game was canceled AGAIN. People were getting under my skin. I was just feeling sour.

I keep hearing about the world ending on Saturday which has got me thinking... No, I dont believe this man is correct in his planning, because the bible specifically says there is no set date/time when Jesus is returning... but it has got me thinking about what will happen when He does come. Joking around, when the kids asked, I told them if they are with their dad, for them to just hold hands, go together, and I'd meet them in heaven... but I joke b/c I am uneasy about it. I am such a planner... and even though I dont want to know when the end of time is going to be, I want to make sure that I know where I am going, where my kids are going, where my family is going. I know that I have no control over it... but I pray for people daily. I keep praying that they find the Lord so when the end of times come, I dont worry about them. I pray for their salvation.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go on the Freedom Ride which is honoring Veteran's for Armed Forces Day. I hope its good weather, I'd really like to go.

I think that's it... hope everyone had a good week!

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