Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 1: Leaving for Guatemala

Day 1: Leaving for Guatemala

Saturday morning (5/12/12) I said goodbye to my kids as my mom took them to the Race for the Cure in SLC. Bryan stayed behind so he could see me off for my trip. We got ready and went to breakfast at Denny’s before we met everyone at the church. The bus wasn’t working so we had to drive a caravan of SUV’s to the airport. We had a group prayer and group picture and we hit the road.

We had a couple hour wait in SLC to get to Dallas. Once in Dallas we had a mad dash to our gate to leave for Guatemala. We boarded as soon as we got there. I think because of the size of our group, they held the plane for us. There is where we met Pastor Matt’s dad, Larry, who came in from Denver to join us.

By the time we got to Guatemala City and got through customs it was around 7pm and what surprised me was how dark it was. Like pitch black, middle of the night, dark. We had a bus waiting for us and two of the people from VisionTrust Guatemala team were there to meet us. We got the bus loaded up, suitcases on the roof, and drove about 15 minutes to the bible seminary.

I was rooming with Kathi, Jane, and Kelly. Our room had a set of bunk beds and two single beds… with a bathroom. It was nice, just like a dormitory. Next door to us was the guys on our trip and next to them was the other 6 ladies. There were other groups staying there as well. We had breakfast and dinner at the seminary for the most part, if we didn’t go out to eat at real authentic places… such as Taco Bell and McDonalds J

I was able to FaceTime on my phone with my family to let them know I was there and ok. We went to bed pretty early that night b/c we had an early start on Sunday morning. It was going to be Community Day at the village.


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safe travels

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haha Mcdonalds on a motorcycle! Too Funny!