Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Confessions 07-06-12


I confess... that the mud run wasn't terrible. I didnt run very far, just a little ways and then changed to a brisk walk as I had terrible shin splints. I need to learn to run better. Maybe I'll train more for next year. I army crawled through mud, I climbed up rope walls, I ran through bubbles. With the exception of rock cut knees, I survived!

I confess... we went to Park City for my birthday and had a great time. We always go to a bar called The Spur and have chocolate cake shots so that's where we started. It was fun.

I confess... Ty went to Jr High Bible Camp on Saturday before we left for Park City. I swear she doesnt seem old enough. I know she's having a great time, but I miss her. I cant wait to see her tomorrow... although she did inform me that her and a boy from church are "going out" now... not sure what that means in the mind of a 12 yr old, but makes me nervous regardless of how wonderful I think this kid and his family are!

I confess... We took the boys back up to Park City with us after we dropped off Ty. There was a wildfire on the other side of the mountain and we got smoked out and covered with ash anyways. I cant imagine what it would be like right near it. Ugh!

I confess... my niece passed away on Friday. She is being buried today. I am bittersweet about it. She is a disabled child. Always in a wheelchair, never without a feeding tube. She is 13 years old, living much longer than anticipated. While I am sad, I dont mourn like those without hope. I believe in my heart that she is dancing with Jesus right now. What a glorious reunion that must be!! On the other hand, I am devistated for those left behind. My family is so heartbroken. My son asked my why he is so sad...and I told him it's b/c he has such a big heart that loves everyone. He didnt want to leave the funeral home after the viewing last night... he wanted to stay with Bailey. Seeing him that emotional broke my heart even more. Lord, touch my family... let them feel You and know that everything is going to be ok. Amen.


VandyJ said...

Congrats on surviving the mud run. I just started running--a little bit in the mornings for exercise--not sure I like it, but I'll keep doing it.

Jill said...

Very sorry to hear about your niece...I try to put myself in that frame of mind, too. They aren't gone - they're just waiting in Heaven, when we'll all be together again someday.
Hugs to you & your family!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss of your niece; we have to believe they've gone onto a better place or else we'd all go crazy!

Aubrey S. said...

First, Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had fun. Chocolate cake shots sound incredibly yummy.

Second, so sorry to hear about your niece. I'll be thinking of your family during this difficult time.

Caroline said...

I did my first mud run in June. It was fun, not too hard. I might do it again next year. We'll see.

I'm so sorry about your niece, but as you said, she is healed now, and rejoicing in heaven. We lost my husbands brother last week - and while it was also sad, we know that we will see him again in heaven.

D said...

Congrats on the mud run and I'm sorry for the loss of your niece. I remember when my grandmother died I had to remind myself that she was at peace,that she was no longer in pain,and that's how I dealt with it.

Jolene said...

I am so sorry for your loss. If it is not too much to ask, What was wrong with her? I too have a niece who is disabled. She is only 2 1/2 and she will be getting her first wheelchair soon. Prayers for you and your family.

Now for the positive... Congratulations on your first run and I am happy to read you had a good birthday.