Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday Trip to Park City

For my birthday, we got my parents' timeshare in Park City and stayed up there for a few days. We got up there Saturday afternoon and met my parents. The 4 of us ate, shop, and drank and hung out. It was so nice! I had been telling my hubby that for my birthday I wanted to go shopping at the Ann Taylor outlet b/c none of my work clothes fit anymore (too big!!) so we went up there and I ended up with 5-6 new outfits. Yay!

On Sunday we went to Park Silly and ate lunch... then we went home later in the day to get the kids from their dad. On Monday we got Ty off to camp, picked up Taylor from his mom's and went back up... more eating, Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster, more eating, alot of walking, some pingpong in the ash from the Alpine fire, more eating... I swear thats all we do! LOL

Right before we left for our trip I realized my camera was broken. It was a really nice camera that I had just gotten for Christmas. Sad day! While we were in Park City, I found another one at Best Buy that had the same zoom as my other (18x) but was much smaller so I could put it in my purse and take it everywhere. It has alot of bells and whistles on it, so I was goofing around trying to figure it all out.

Here are some of my pictures:
Drew Swimming

Taylor relaxing by the pool since he couldnt swim b/c of his road rash

My beautiful mama

Me and my mama

Drew coming out of the water

Me and my boys

Cartoon Bryan and Taylor at lunch

Cartoon Parents

Me and my hubby in Cartoon

Sparkley Drew... I told him he looked like Edward (Twilight) when he got in the sun. LOL

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