Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Confessions 02-08-13

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Another Friday... another time to confess!
I Confess:
My shoulder feels better, my elbow feels worse. Dang ice! Went back to the Dr today and nothing is broken... but she thinks there is soft tissue problems. So meds and PT are in my future.
I Confess:
I really didnt care the outcome of the Dr appt as long as she said I could take that dang sling off. And she did, so I am much happier!
I Confess:
My girl didnt make the team... he has enough guards in older players. Bummer. However she showed so much heart and ability, that he asked her to be the team manager, as a 7th grader. Yay!
I Confess:
I dont like that I've spent more time with my ex-husband this week than I have with Mister Husband. Freaking get back from Puerto Rico already will you, Bry?!
I Confess:
It was a crazy week... alot going on at work and at home. I felt stretched like you wouldnt believe, but I made it. Here we are at Friday and it's almost time for the weekend. Sleeping in and relaxing are in my future... with a lot of snuggles with my hubby who's getting home late tonight.
What are you confessing?!


Aubrey S. said...

Getting out of the sling is a good thing, especially since your mister is on his way back into town. Tell me about it on the stretched thing. So glad that it's Friday!

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional! Have a fabulous weekend.

Ducky said...

Amen to hubby snuggle time! I'm looking forward to that myself!

Rachel Murphy said...

I too sometimes end up spending more time with the ex then the MR. How the heck does that happen? Well glad yours in back tonight! Have a great weekend!