Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday TunaFish

Thirteen years ago yesterday on a snowy morning,we left for the hospital to have my little girl. Doesn't matter what you call her (TylerNicole, peanut, TyTy, tunafish, T-Nic, etc.), she has become an amazing young lady. She is wise beyond her 13 years, she is beautiful, she is smart, and she loves Jesus. 

She is a social butterfly, a sneaky junk food hider (Im on to you!), a basketball player, a Patriots football fan, a Nursery/Preschool teacher, and a friend to all.

Ty, I am so proud to be your momma. I love you so much. You're a blessing to me and your BryDad. Hope you had a wonderful birthday sis!!


crystalleblanc said...

I love when I see teenagers having a great relationship with their parents... You guys must be investing in her life. Way to go! :) she really has a great personality from the few times I've talked to her in nursery and a fun style. Must get it from her mom :)

Lisa Williams said...

She's a fun kid. Parenting is hard work, but I've been blessed with amazing kids :)