Monday, August 23, 2010

Hi! Remember Me?

It’s been a while… but I’m back, for now. Between being crazy busy, obsessed with Facebook, and some weird comments in a foreign language I haven’t blogged for a while but something is weighing on my heart so I wanted to share.

As you all know, I am always open to sharing my love of Jesus with just about anyone who will listen. For those who haven’t been Saved may think I am a nut but I can personally say how much my life has made a change for the better once I quit going by my plans and hand things over to God and let him be in control. Raising your hands and saying “Lord, I surrender” can be a scary thing… especially for a control freak like myself but I know that I can’t do it on my own. I know that God has big plans for me, if I will just be quiet and listen.

I don’t pretend to know it all, I can’t quote you bible verses on the fly, I am still new to this… I just know that I am in a better place in my life by serving am amazing God, by impacting the Ogden community with service and love, and showing my children at an early age the grace God can give by accepting him into their lives.

With that being said, one of the things I am struggling with right now is how to forgive someone if you can’t forget what they did. To me it seems hypocritical. I don’t know how to say “I forgive you” and mean it if will never trust them again. I know it’s not my place to judge the sin of others… that its between them and God, but how do I feel comfortable around someone who has hurt others? This has been weighing on my mind and I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer over it. I found something online that really hit home and I felt compelled to share in hopes that it will help someone else who may be struggling with forgiveness.

How to Forgive When You Can't Forget

• Make a decision. Do you really want to keep being upset? Do you want to keep allowing the person who hurt you to dwell in your mind, without paying rent? Do you want to allow the wound to begin healing just to tear it back open? OR Are you ready to move on with living and move on from this bad chapter in your life? Only you can decide. Make the decision - YES, I want to move on.

• Realize they may or may not know. The person who you need to forgive may or may not realize it. Sometimes a person doesn't even know what they've done. You may be thinking about them but they may have long since forgotten about you. You just don't know exactly what's going on in the other person's head. You also don't know why people are like they are. Leave all that to God to worry about.

• Ask God to help you. There's only one person that wants you to move on from the past more than you and that's God. He doesn't want his child living in slummy conditions. He wants you to live a joyful and victorious life. Just say - "God, I'm having a hard time forgiving (fill in the name) You know they have (fill in the blank) and I'm tired of having this eat me up. Please help me to forgive and move on." I know you forgive me when I blow it, please help me to forgive them.

• Forgive them. Just say to yourself and to God. I forgive (name) for (action). I know that forgiving them doesn't mean they were right. I know that forgiving them doesn't mean I agree. I just know forgiving them frees me to live again. Forgiving them frees me to focus on more important things. They have taken too much from me already and the buck stops here. I forgive them and I thank you God for helping me.

• Celebrate! You've just been freed from a life sentence! You don't have to forgive a person face-to-face unless you need it for your own healing. God knows your heart and he's so very proud of you. You're Free! Praise the Lord!

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