Monday, August 30, 2010

So Proud of Mister Husband!

About a month or so ago, my husband made the decision to lose weight. For the past year I kept hearing that he was going to go to the gym, he was going to eat better, etc… but he got sick in April due to his high blood pressure, he didn’t like how he looked in our family pictures, and a lot of other little things so when my friend offered him a bottle of hCG b/c her husband didn’t want to do it with her, he decided to give it a try. I checked with his Dr and they said that it couldn’t hurt his high BP and should help matters, but if he started to feel weird at all to stop taking it and come in for a blood test.

So on August 2nd, he started this hCG diet. He could eat 500 calories a day and take these drops. I am so proud of him for his will power, he did great. He stopped the drops after 21 days and he was down 35 lbs!!!

He still has some more he’d like to lose, but he is now counting calories and starting the gym to work on the rest. We went shopping this weekend for an early birthday present since none of his pants fit anymore and he is down 2 sizes, almost 3. I am amazed. He looks great, his health is going to be better, yay!

Here is a before and after picture:
260 lbs


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Mary said...

Wow!!! Awesome Job Bryan!